Why it is Important to Choose the Right Mattress for your Body Type?

As much as we may want to work tirelessly all round the day yet it is important to give your body and mind the required rest. Else they will not function properly and will not prove to be fruitful. This can lead to complications in health as well as deterioration of performance at the workplace. Therefore it is of utmost importance to give your body rest and the best way to do so is through some tight sleep.


Why is Sleep Necessary for the Body?


When you lie down in bed exhausted and drift to sleep the knotted muscles in your body from sitting all day on a chair in your office cabin gets a chance to relax. The mind becomes stress-free and your body gets the opportunity to rejuvenate and gather the lost energy to support your endeavors in the next day.

Sleep strengthens our long-term memory. The brain forms connections between the wanted materials and the unwanted materials during the day, but having all the non-essential information saved in the brain will cause overburden. It is during the sleep that the needed information gets sorted and stored in the memory and the non-essential information fades away. Moreover, inadequate sleep also affects our cognitive thinking. A study shows that loss of sleep of 2 hours every night for 14 nights can result in poorer execution on neurobehavioral activity involving attention and short-term memory. Lack of sleep also has an impact on our divergent thinking, that is, coming up with innovative and thoughtful ideas.

And to get a good sleep it is very important to have a mattress that suits your body type and need.


Role of a Good Mattress for your Body Type


A soft mattress is a heaven for your tired body whereas a mattress which does not suit your body type will leave you tossing and turning in your bed all night making you sleep deprived and more tired for the next day. Therefore, a wise decision has to be made while shopping for a sleeping mattress.


Types of Mattresses and Their Purposes


  • Orthopedic Mattress – This is the most “in demand” mattress in the market in present times. They are firmer mattresses, designed to provide extra support to the spine. The firm support supports the back and the shoulders, relaxing the throbbing painfulness on pressure points and improving the alignment of the spine. Orthopedic mattresses are recommended for those suffering from the pain on the neck, shoulders, and back. They are designed with antimicrobial technology and 100% pure rebounded foam.
  • Spring Mattress – Spring mattresses provide a luxurious feel with an utmost comfortable sleep. They allow for easy ventilation and prevent accumulation of body heat due to substantial space between the springs. The firmness level can be adjusted by altering the type of padding. The technologies deployed in the designing are unique support technology, continuous breathable technology, and antimicrobial technology. The springs are of two types: Pocket Springs and Bonnel springs. The pocket springs comprise of individual springs, each encased in individual pockets, while the bonnell springs are hourglass shaped springs with the wires having their ends connected to the top and the bottom portion of the adjacent coil.
  • Foam Mattress – Foam mattresses provide a cushiony feel from top to bottom with a slight firmness underneath. They evenly distribute the body weight promoting the blood flow. Since we use only flexible PU foam, the body heat does not get trapped due to the open cell structure. They are lightweight and worth the cost.
  • Economical Mattress – These are combination mattresses where economical but quality controlled materials are used to reduce the cost as well as lifespan.
  • Luxury Mattress – These mattresses are crafted to perfection to give you a luxurious hotel feel right in your home. The support layers, as well as the comfort layers, are very thoughtfully chosen so that the mattress contours to your body shape without giving that extra sinking feeling.


Best Mattress for Lightweight Sleepers


Lightweight people ideally should choose a mattress having softer firmness level but the mattress should provide support to the body as well. Too soft mattress seems good at an earlier stage but consistently sleeping on the too soft mattress can affect the shape of the spine and can cause back pain.


Best Mattress for Heavyweight Sleepers


Heavy people put a lot of pressure on the mattress, therefore, the body’s pressure points especially buttocks, shoulders, head get sink in the mattress causing discomfort. Therefore, the heavy people should choose a mattress having medium firmness level; manufactured using high-density foam and also having larger height i.e. avoid choosing 5 or 6-inch mattress and choose 8” or above height mattress.


Best Mattress for People Suffering from Back Pain


Choose special kind of mattress called orthopedic mattress especially getting manufactured for the people suffering from back pain (whether upper or lower back pain). Orthopedic mattresses are manufactured using high-density foam having medium to hard level of firmness to provide proper support to the spine so that the spine can remain in its original shape alleviating back pain. Fresh Up Mattresses has a wide range of Orthopedic Mattresses for orthopedics.

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