Find out if the wrong mattress is causing you back pain (And tips to select the right one)

Signs That Your Mattress is causing back Pain

We spend an average of 8 hours per day lying on our bed, and that is a good one-third of our day. But if you are spending a third of every single day in a painful relationship, you might not be having many happy days. You might be thinking to yourself right now, what painful relationship is that? The one which causes you back pain while sleeping, the one you have with your mattress. But like any toxic relationship, how can you tell for sure what the cause of your back pain is?
By the end of this read, you will just have a better idea. We will tell you if your mattress is causing you back pain or not. In case it is, then which mattress is good for back pain. So, read on to find out.
First, let us see some of the ways how you can find out whether it is your mattress bed that is the culprit of your back pain.

Signs that your mattress is giving you back pain

  1. When Do You Suffer from Back Pain? The first clue to watch out for is when you experience your back pain first. Do You suffer from upper back pain after sleeping? Do You feel it right around the time that you wake up? If the pain vanishes with light stretching or with the help of yoga, then chances are, it is your mattress that is doing you more harm than good. It is time to rid yourself off that mattress bed.
  2. Back pain in morning: If you find yourself with back pain after waking up, feeling not-so-well rested even after a full 8 hours of sleep every night, then that might be your next clue. A good night’s sleep should help you feel fresh in the morning. But if that’s not the case, and you wake up feeling sore instead, you might have a case of “Bad Mattress”.
  3. Back pain at night: On most nights, are you getting nightmares or feeling great discomfort in your sleep? This will end up with you tossing and turning in bed every night, exhausted yet unable to sleep. And for all that, you might just have your bad mattress to blame. Don’t put yourself through any more of these bad nights, change your mattress immediately. Sleep on mattress that takes your stress away not cause you great agony
  4. How long has it been since you have changed your mattress: The age of your mattress is another great teller of whether or not it is the culprit. Mattresses need to be changed every 7-8 years. While the severity of this factor might not be immediately apparent, but with usage, the user of an 8 years or older mattress you will begin to notice the effects. Old mattress experience sagging with regular usage. This makes the age of a mattress and the severity of damage to your spine and collar bone, go hand in hand. Change your mattress for back pain and you will feel results immediately.

Now you might be having a clearer idea as to whether or not you are in a toxic relationship with your mattress. If you are, it’s time to find you a suitable match so that you don’t suffer from body pain after sleep. Preferably, this relationship with your new mattress will be one that makes you happy and leaves you feeling delightfully well-rested with no back pain in the morning.

Tips to select the right mattress bed For

    1. Your bed should provide the right support and comfort, two of the vital factors to consider when selecting a mattress for your bed.
      Support: The support that is provided, comes from the mattress core. For example, if it is a spring mattress, the core of this mattress will be the innersprings.
      A good mattress for back with good support will have the quality of good firmness. By good firmness, we mean, firmness that will keep the heavier areas of your body aligned. Your hips and shoulders should feel sufficiently well supported. A bad mattress might make your heavier areas sink in. On the other hand, a mattress that is too firm will push your hips and shoulders up into an awkward position.
      The right mattress should provide ample support, but at the same time, it should be just enough to keep your entire body aligned at 1 angle. This will help you avoid lower back pain in morning Your posture should feel natural and relaxed.
      Comfort: This is one factor that is relatively easy to gauge for yourself. A comfortable mattress should provide an almost cloud-like cushioning to mainly your spine, but also your hips and shoulders.
      It is, however, vital to ensure that your mattress does not compromise support for comfort.
    2. Choose a mattress whose primary function is to soothe back pain – Orthopedic Mattress. Orthopedic mattresses are ergonomically built to provide relief from pain. The right orthopedic mattress will alleviate pressure and promote correct spinal alignment, significantly reducing or eliminating aches and pains in the spinal region. This should in turn enable the user of the orthopedic mattress to experience a richer, more fulfilling, full night’s sleep.
    3. Breathability is another very important factor in selecting the right mattress to help out with your back pain. A breathable mattress facilitates the easy circulation of air and moisture transportation. This helps in creating a healthy and comfortable environment to sleep in.
      Fresh Up Mattress is India’s only breathable mattress brand, hand-crafting the perfect mattresses for all its users. It worked closely with experienced chiropractors to create for Indians, what they needed the most: an improved and luxurious sleep, every night.

There you have it. If you want know which mattress is good for back pain India, check out our website. You now have a better understanding of how to figure out if it’s your mattress that is responsible for back pain. And you also have pointers and tips to help you select your next mattress with proper care. In case your back pain persists, it would be advisable to see a doctor.

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