10 Tips to Improve Your Sleep

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We have heard many people saying that they would have felt better if they have got one hour of extra sleep. Proper sleep can help you in preparing for the day in a much better way but it is not possible because you stumble out of bed every morning. However, there are various tips to know how to improve your sleep and make your day amazing and full of energy.

1. Make a to-do list

You can have 8 hours of sleep on your to-do list and plan your bedtime too. Be strict about your sleep and keep a consistent schedule for your sleep until it becomes part of your regular routine.

2. Choose the right kind of mattress

Mattresses play the most important role in your sleep and they decide how better and deep your sleep is. If your mattress is of more than seven years of age then you need to replace it as the mattress and body both change over time. Making this little improvement can unlock a lot of nights of better sleep and relaxation.

3. Get up at the right time

Set your alarm to the right time at which you need to wake up because squeaking to a little more sleep harms you more than it amazes you.

4. Be careful about what you eat and drink

You need to finish your dinner before 2 or 3 hours of your sleep so that your body is ready to relax. You must include caffeine in your morning drink and avoid drinking before bedtime. It is worthy to notice, the caffeine taken up at 7 pm, half of it still remains in the body at 11 pm.

5. Exercise

Exercise is important to help your body feel relaxed and make it ready for sleep. You can even take a long walk before going to bed, as this would get your blood moving and improve your sleep.

6. Take naps

Short naps of 10 to 30 minutes in the daytime, help you in improving your energy level and don’t disturb your night sleep. A 10 minutes nap can improve your alertness for the next two and half hours.

7. Make your bedroom comfortable

If your bedroom is not comfortable then you need to make improvements there, as you would not like to go and spend time there. Make sure that your mattress is big enough and does not cause you pain and aches.

8. Worry less

The stress of your work life or your personal life hampers your sleep and not good for your sleep. Leave all your worries out of the bedroom along with your work materials and keeping a worry journal can help you in overcoming your worries.

9. Switch off the gadgets

You must switch off the television, smartphones, tablet, laptop etc before you go to bed. Blue light has a dark side.

10. Lights

Make sure that you get the kind of coziness that you like during sleep. If you like to sleep with night bulbs on, then make sure it is that way.

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