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I have always been ‘buy from the shop’ type of a person. This is the first time I made a purchase of a mattress online. I have been using the Fresh Up orthopedic spring mattress for over 3 months now and I can only say that I love it. It is a soft and cozy mattress.


The Sofa cum Bed from Fresh Up is super comfortable. It can easily be folded into different forms. The fabric is very rich in feel and looks very elegant. The zips of the sofa are nicely covered with the fabric. It is light in weight and can easily be moved.


I have 2 year old kid who spills everything on the bed. The mattress had started to get dirty. So we purchased this mattress protector. It is soft in texture and absolutely waterproof. We have washed it also a couple of number of times now. It fit our needs.

Vishnu Naidu

If you are looking for a pillow that cures your neck pain, then Fresh Up is the right place. I have cervical problem and soft pillows don’t suit me. I purchased this orthopedic memory foam pillow and I have begun to see some differences. The memory foam pillow is a boon.


Fresh Up memory foam pillow has been the best purchase I have made so far. Super comfortable pillows that adapt to your sleeping position. Memory foam doesn’t heat up too. Highly recommend these memory foam pillows


I have been using this memory foam pillow for about two weeks now and I absolutely loved it. I am a side sleeper and prefer a good pillow to support my neck. The pillows I have used so far have either been too hard or too soft. But this pillow has the right combination of firmness. It doesn’t give you any neck or shoulder pain.


I was very comfused on buying a mattress online without trying it at a store but then the company's 120 nights trial and 100% money back policy caught my attention. Trust me I don't regret a bit.


This ortho memory foam mattress by fresh up is better than what I expected. It is exactly as described and I am very impressed by the quality. It came rolled packed. The unboxing process was very easy and quite exciting. My sleep quality has improved significantly. No more back aches finally!


My first purchase of a mattress online. The mattress is very good. You can flip it and use it from the opposite side also. Both the sides the comfort level is different, one slightly firmer than the other side. I also order a mattress protector with it and that too has turned out to be great.


Best sofa bed under budget, go for it. Dimension is perfect as mentioned 78x44x14, 3 people can sit comfortably and 2 can sleep, go for it

Yashas T V

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