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Fresh Up Ortho Mattress

Orthopedic mattresses are firmer mattresses, designed to provide extra support to the spine. The firm support supports the back and the shoulders, relaxing the throbbing painfulness on pressure points and improving the alignment of the spine. Orthopedic mattresses are recommended for those suffering from the pain on the neck, shoulders and back.

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Pocket Spring Mattress

Spring mattresses provide a luxurious feel with an utmost comfortable sleep. They allow for easy ventilation and prevent accumulation of body heat due to substantial space between the springs. The firmness level can be adjusted by altering the type of padding.

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Cool Ortho Memory Foam Mattress

These mattresses are crafted to perfection to give you a luxurious hotel feel right in your home. The support layers as well as the comfort layers are very thoughtfully chosen so that the mattress contours to your body shape without giving that extra sinking feeling. Technical foam products such as but not limited to memory foam and HR foam are used along with utmost quality of pocket spring or 100% Pure High Density Rebounded foam to ensure that your body gets the best.

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Buy Bed Mattress Online in India

Mattress is the key element in deciding the ratio of your comfort and relaxation. This is one of those ingredients which are necessary for giving you good nap and refreshing your body. We all use mattresses in our homes and we know how important it is to choose the right kind of mattress if we don’t want to compromise our sleep and health. Well there are some people who are already suffering from spine and back ache problems and they have to pay extra attention when it comes to choosing the right kind of mattress and there are others who seek luxury and comfort. Some People want the mattress according to their sleeping positions such as Back, Side or Stomach sleeping. Mattress shopping should be done from the reliable sources. Physical mattress stores are orthodox option for buying mattresses and still used by plenty, however, people in India are becoming more aware when it comes to choosing the desired mattress and they are gathering the knowledge through online mattress store or any other relevant websites.

Fresh Up is one of the best mattress brand in India owned by one of India’s largest and most reputed PU Foam manufacturers, M.H. Polymers Pvt. Ltd., which is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company with over 25 years of experience in the field. All the raw materials used in Fresh Up products are of highest industry standards and each mattress line goes through stringent quality control checks. Our policy is to manufacture and provide superior quality mattresses to enhance customer satisfaction and develop sustainable business practices.

Our website is here to present you with wide range of mattresses including Spring mattresses, Foam mattress, Orthopedic mattresses and luxurious memory foam mattresses. Orthopedic mattresses are specially designed to facilitate extra support to your spine. These mattresses are firm that are perfectly idle for all who have been looking for such mattresses. The firmness of these mattresses supports the back and shoulders, relaxes the pounding pain that you feel on the pressure points and ameliorates the alignment of the spine. These mattresses are especially made for those who are suffering from neck, shoulder and back pain.

Along with everything else, you can also buy mattresses online as our website presents an exclusive range of branded single bed mattress, double bed mattress, king size mattress, queen size mattress etc in best price. You just have to open our website on Internet, browse through the desired type of mattress such as Spring, Foam, Orthopedic or Memory Foam mattress and you can purchase mattresses here without any hassle. Apart from the wide range of mattresses, we also have soft and comfortable fibre pillows made from 100% virgin fibre. These mattresses and pillows are available at very reasonable price and they are ideal for every age group of people in India.


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