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Orthopedic Mattresses

Orthopedic mattresses are firmer mattresses, designed to provide extra support to the spine. The firm support supports the back and the shoulders, relaxing the throbbing painfulness on pressure points and improving the alignment of the spine. Orthopedic mattresses are recommended for those suffering from the pain on the neck, shoulders and back.

100% pure rebounded foam
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Spring Mattresses

Spring mattresses provide a luxurious feel with an utmost comfortable sleep. They allow for easy ventilation and prevent accumulation of body heat due to substantial space between the springs. The firmness level can be adjusted by altering the type of padding.

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Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses provide a cushiony feel from top to bottom with a slight firmness underneath. They evenly distribute the body weight promoting the blood flow. Tossing and turning while sleeping on a foam mattress won’t disturb the partner. Since we use only flexible PU foam, the body heat does not get trapped due to the open cell structure.

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Economical Mattresses

These are combination mattresses where economical but quality controlled materials are used to reduce the cost as well as lifespan. These are perfect for people who are tight on budget or who look to stay for a short duration.

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light weight

Luxury Mattresses

These mattresses are crafted to perfection to give you a luxurious hotel feel right in your home. The support layers as well as the comfort layers are very thoughtfully chosen so that the mattress contours to your body shape without giving that extra sinking feeling. Technical foam products such as but not limited to memory foam and HR foam are used along with utmost quality of pocket spring or 100% Pure High Density Rebounded foam to ensure that your body gets the best.

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Our Happy Customers

  1. Veronica D’Souza
    I recently brought a pocketed spring mattress (Immerse HR) from Fresh Up. The memory foam and the pocket spring provide just the right level of comfort. The best part is that the partners movement is not felt on this mattress.
  2. Sudesh Rana
    I am 74 years old retired government employee having severe back ache which is constant from several years. But, what troubled me the most is awakening nights due to the back ache. Someone suggested me to buy a mattress that provides support to the back & I found my desired mattress at your website. Thanks.
  3. Preeti Manchanda
    Truly, the best mattress I have ever purchased. Replaced my old mattress as the same was troubling me from months, couldn’t able to sleep properly which was disturbing my daily routine. Fresh Up mattress provided comfort and sound sleep. Thanks to the designers who designed such a nice product, having comfortable fabric.
  4. Faizan Khan
    I am a sleep addict and my 8 hour sleep is very important for me. I was planning to buy a very comfortable mattress so that I can get quality sleep. I searched online and stopped at your site due to specifically designed mattresses. I ordered mattress “Grandeur Eurotop” due to its sinking feel + back support.
  5. Anushka Verma
    I have been using Fresh Up Loosen Up for over a year, and my perception for a spring mattress has completely changed. I was a little skeptical before purchasing it as people say springs poke you etc. It is a very comfortable mattress and provides a good level of sleep

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