Memory Foam Mattresses – Pros and Cons

Memory foam is made up of a substance called viscoelastic which is highly energy absorbent along with being very soft. Memory foam is known for molding to the bodyshape in response to heat and pressure in order to distribute the body weight evenly. But it reverts to its real or natural shape once the pressure is removed from the body. These striking features of memory foam make it very comfortable and protect the body from any impact. Memory foams are used as cushion in helmets and shoes. Medical science found this kind of foam a lot more useful in products to avoid pressure ulcersor bedsores which usually occur in people who are severely disabled, in prosthetics etc. Memory foam is now very popular for its use in pillows, mattresses, mattress pads, of different length and width. But even after being so useful, memory foams also carry a few disadvantages. So let’s have a look at the list of advantages and disadvantages of memory foam.

When a person lies on the memory foam then the heat from his or her body softens it on some points, so it helps the person to support their body along the curves and natural lines of the body. It is also claimed by the memory foam mattresses manufacturers that this kind of foam helps people in getting rid of the pain and giving them a peaceful and restful sleep. We often hear doctors saying that the firm mattresses are the best for sleeping particularly for people who are suffering from back pain. A better sleep can help you in avoiding various health issues. Memory foam presents the best sleeping surface for older people because for them if the number of movements can be reduced which leads to less awakening, and hence they could get a better sleep at night. Another point to note is that memory foam has a good lifespan, its life easily extends to 7-10years.If you get less affected by your end partner’s movements then you would be able to get an amazing sleep without getting disturbed by the movements of other.

But there are certain disadvantages of memory foam too, so let us have a look at it too. The products which are made up of memory foam are known for retaining body heat and they can make it less comfortable for you to sit and relax when the weather is warm. There are many patients who easily adapt to this change but some might find it difficult to adapt to temperature changes. Along with this issue, old memory foam products usually produce an odd smell of a chemical through a process known as off gassing. To reduce this problem, some of the research groups recommend airing out the mattress of the pad which is made up of memory foam for time duration of atleast 24 hours, before covering it with a sheet or anything like that. If this procedure is followed properly then the smells disappears quickly and the bright side is, no one is ever heard having allergic reactions from it.

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