What Mattresses Do 5 Star Hotels Use in India?

5 star hotels use mattress

When you go to a 5 star hotel in India, you will get enthralled by the cosy comfort of the beds. You would want to get that sort of comfort in your home as well. Basically, the secret lies within the mattresses they use. 5 star hotels in India use various premium and luxury mattresses to give comfort to their guests. So, if you want the same comfort in your life then you have to bring home such mattresses. Let’s have a look at these types of mattresses and get in-depth knowledge about them so that you can buy the right one.

Spring Mattresses


Spring mattresses are designed to provide you with the utmost comfort of sleeping. Many 5 star hotels in India use this type of mattress which just makes you snooze your alarm clock because you are too inclined to get out of bed. The reason why it provides you superior cosy comfort is due to the arrangement of the springs. The springs are placed in such a way that there is gap between them, allowing the air to circulate within the mattress, leading to zero body heat accumulation. Moreover, the thickness of the wire of the spring and its carbon composition determines how comfortable a mattress is.

Things to consider before having a spring mattress:

  • Unique Support Technology: The unique support technology is designed to give support to the posture of your back which will help you get an ideal sleep. That is why the spring mattress should have that technology.
  • Continuous Breathable Technology: The aerospace between the springs of the spring mattress has to be significant so that the body heat accumulation does not impact your sleep.
  • Antimicrobial Technology: Most of the mattresses play host to the microbes affecting your health adversely. However, with antimicrobial technology, your mattress will not be playing host to the microbes which eliminate almost all the chances of health issues arising from the mattress. So, buy the spring mattress with antimicrobial technology.

Memory Foam Mattresses


Memory foam mattresses also provide you the comfort of a hotel. The unique property of memory enables it to adjust to your body shape by absorbing your body heat. These mattresses evenly distribute your body weight and provide relief to the pressure points.

Things to consider before picking a memory foam mattress:

  • Luxurious: The composition of the mattress is what makes it luxurious. The memory foam acts as an excellent comfort layer. It makes your mattress what you call as ‘cozy’.
  • Unique Support Technology: The layers of your mattress have to be placed in a manner that it provides a nice sinking feeling for your body which is very important for good night’s sleep. With a memory foam mattress, you will get exactly that.
  • Fusion Plus Technology: The memory foam mattress you are choosing should have fusion plus technology as well. It is a pressure reducing technology based on 4 deep layers. That is why a memory foam mattress with fusion plus technology is the ideal for your sleep.
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Where Can You Get Premium Range Mattresses in India?

Luxury Mattresses

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