What are the Types of Mattresses Available in India?

Types of mattresses

If you want to stay productive in your work then nothing can be as important as a good night’s sleep. It just rejuvenates you for the hassle of the whole day. Now, the mattress in which you sleep plays a pivotal role in helping you to sleep well. When you go to a shop to buy a mattress in India, you will get a wide range of choices. Basically, the number of choices you have could be confusing at times. However, having thorough information about these mattresses will help you to choose the exact type and quality of mattresses you want for your bed.

Choosing between different types of mattress

If you are going to buy mattresses then below mentioned guide will help you to decide which types of mattress will be best for you.

    • Airbed Mattress
    • Waterbed Mattress
    • Spring Mattress
    • Latex Mattress
    • Memory Foam Mattress

Airbed Mattress


how does Airbed Mattress looks like

If you are someone who likes to sleep on your back then airbed mattress is the ideal mattress for you. The mattress is filled with air chambers which are protected by a padding system or an upholstery material. These chambers are very much flexible. So, you can adjust to the firmness level which will suit you. These mattresses have shown great effectiveness in providing the perfect sleep for those who sleep on the back.

Waterbed Mattress

Waterbed type of Mattresses

The working of the waterbed mattress is quite similar to the airbed mattress. In this mattress, instead of air, you will have water locked into the rectangular chambers. These chambers will be protected by fibers or foam. You can either choose a waterbed mattress with a hard-sided chamber or a soft-sided chamber. Both these types of mattresses will have their own benefits. Waterbed mattress can give you utmost comfort if you like to sleep on your back.

Spring Mattress

best spring mattress in India

Spring mattresses are a great choice if you want to get a cozy feeling from your sleep. It is designed to give you a luxurious sleeping experience. It will give you a bouncy feeling which is ideal for a good night’s sleep. However, you might take time to get accustomed to sleeping in this mattress. Basically, the space between the springs will help you to sleep well by preventing the accumulation of heat with proper ventilation.

Latex Mattress

Latex Mattress in india

If you are someone who likes to sleep in your belly or even on your back then this is the best type of mattress that will help you to get better sleep. It contains latex foam which will give firmness as well as comfort. This mattress is something on which you can invest.

Memory Foam Mattress

 ortho Memory Foam Mattresses sold in India

Well, the best is always saved for the last and yes, memory foam mattresses can be regarded as one of the best and most comfortable mattresses that you can find anywhere else. This type of mattress has several layers of top-density foam that take the shape as per your body. There are many 5 star hotels in India which use this type of mattress. It helps you to evenly balance your body weight which allows less pressure on a single body part. If you are suffering from back pain then your doctor could recommend you to get one because it is that effective in solving back problems.

Where You Will Get Premium Quality Mattresses?

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