What Type of Mattresses are Recommended for Back Pain?

Mattresses are recommended for back pain

When your back hurts, everything hurts, walking, sitting, lifting and sleeping. Before we talk about the mattress, let us first gain some insights about common back pain that one generally experiences.

Most intense pain comes from the pressure on your nerve in the spine (Nerve Pain). This condition is called Sciatica when the pain originates from your lower back and goes down through your hips and buttocks to your legs. Second most common occurring back pain is due to muscle spasm which occurs when you have exercised too hard. This pain often goes with movement. Sometimes discomfort in the back also arises from pressure points caused by a hard mattress. This is noticed in the tail bone at the base of the spine.

When the spinal nerve (first condition) is the main cause of back pain, one needs to avoid the soft top layer on the mattress. People suffering from such pain are advised to use a firm or medium mattress.

The configuration for such type of mattress would be:

  • Firm/Medium layer – Comfort layer
  • Firm layer – Support layer

If the back pain is due to muscle spasm, one can have a medium layer of comfort on the top. A medium layer of Foam or Memory foam as a comfort layer would be helpful.

Cool Ortho Memory Foam Mattress

The configuration for such type of mattress would be:

  • Medium layer – Comfort layer
  • Firm layer – Support layer

When the back pain is due to pressure points caused by a hard mattress, you’ll notice uncomfortable pressure on your shoulders and hips. This indicates that your mattress is too hard, and you would require a medium or medium-soft top layer.

  • Medium/Medium-Soft – Comfort layer
  • Firm layer – Support layer

The basic foundation for any Orthopedic mattress is a Firm support layer. A support layer which is firm holds your back and maintains the alignment of your spine. Any number of comfort layers can be added to this layer to boost the comfort level. A comfort layer can be firm, medium or soft.

Fresh Up Ortho Mattress

The nature of firmness should be dictated by:

  • A person’s weight – the heavier a person, the more pressure he exerts on the mattress and therefore his body type would need a firmer comfort layer as compared to a thin person.
  • The sleeping position – a back sleeper would require a medium-firm mattress, a side sleeper would require more cushioning on the hips and the shoulders while a stomach sleeper would need a soft comfort layer.

The best orthopedic mattresses for back pain are overall firm mattresses. They diminish the pain by relieving the pressure points. Depending on the type of back pain, you can use this as a guide to your Orthopedic mattress selection.

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