What are the Best Mattresses for Back, Side and Stomach Sleepers?

best mattress for back side and stomach sleepers

The time when we sleep is probably the time when we want to be stress free and relaxed. Everyone sleeps in a different posture, commonly the sleepers use back sleeping, side or stomach sleep position. So no matter how comfortable the mattress is it will not work equally for everyone. Some people prefer sleeping on hard mattress, some people prefer sleeping on cushion mattress and some people prefer sleeping on combination mattress. No matter if you are a back sleeper, a side sleeper or a stomach sleeper the mattresses for you should be as such that it can completely provide you relaxation. So if you are done with your mattress and now you want to avoid sleepless nights then you must search for a mattress which can fulfill all your worries and lets you sleep peacefully.

However the market is flooded with thousands of mattresses reviews and reports but it requires ample amount of time and research as well. Thus in order to find what is best suited for you we have found out the best mattress for you. Sometimes people say that it’s the brand of the mattress that matters a lot but we will suggest that each and every person has different requirements. Every sleeper (side, stomach or side sleeper) requires different kind of mattress which can help him relax and provide support during night. According to the type of sleepers we have made a list as to which mattress will suit which sleeper the best.

Best Mattresses for Back Sleepers

According to medical professionals those sleepers who sleep on their back do the best thing. Sleeping on your back is undoubtedly the best posture. This is probably the best position for your spinal health. A proper mattress will help maintaining the spinal cord posture properly. It will help in keeping the weight out of your joints and the pressure points as well. On the other hand sleeping on the worn out mattresses can actually be a big pain for you. The people who are back sleepers must maintain their posture and the mattress must be semi-firm. Fresh up has launched the best mattresses for people who are back sleepers.

Orthopedic Spring mattress: This mattress is very comfortable as far as the reassurance is concerned. It is indeed the best choice for people who are suggested from Orthopedicians. The sizes available for these mattresses at fresh up mattresses are 6 inch and 8 inch. The mattress is specially designed for back sleepers or people suffering from back pain whether upper or lower back pain. It helps in soothing the pain by exerting accurate pressure at the specific pressure points. It also supports the spinal cord hence it helps in maintaining the correct posture.

Boost Up mattress: It composed of 100% pure rebounded foam that helps in providing utter support to the spinal cord of an individual. The firmness provided ranges from medium to hard. Fresh up mattresses also provide a warranty period of 12 years which is quite a long time. The fabric available is also made up of heavy knitted fabric.

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

Most people find suitable to sleep on their sides but in the said position most of the pressure remains on the shoulders and curves of the sleepers. Therefore, the mattress for the people sleeps on their sides need more cushioning as compared to back sleepers. Before choosing a mattress, the side sleepers should check its comfort level which should be soft to medium.

Ortho Memory Foam Mattress: It is also another golden product provided by the fresh up mattress as it is the best choice for people who are side sleepers. It has soft to medium firmness.

Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

Although not suggested by doctors but few people develop the habit to sleep on their stomach and mostly mattresses are designed according to the people sleep either on their back or side sleepers. For stomach sleepers, ideal mattresses are soft mattresses on which the sleeper doesn’t feel pressure on his stomach and other specific pressure points. Memory foam mattresses are ideal for stomach sleepers as the same are soft, takes shape of the body, relieve pressure and provide comfort.

Diffuse Mattress: Fresh Up’s Diffuse is basically a soft memory foam mattress and is ideal for people to sleep on their stomach due to its soft firmness comfort.

With god’s grace, we have fresh up mattresses with us that provide us customized mattresses for each kind of sleepers. As they understand that sleeping is indeed the best part of our lives.

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