Best Sleeping Positions for Better Health

Best Sleeping Position

An average adult needs sleep of 7 to 9 hours every night to get his or her body relaxed. But sleep is not the only element essential for our health, because our health also gets affected by the position in which we sleep. Sleeping position can affect our body in numerous ways starting from back pain, blood pressure to sinus infection and many more.

Given below is a list of 9 sleeping positions which can help you in ameliorating your health:-

1. Sleeping Position for Back Pain

Sleeping Position for Back Pain

If you are suffering from back pain then change in your sleeping position can bring a lot of difference in your life. You must choose that position for sleeping which works as the best for you. It is recommended for such people to lay on their back straight. You can also place a pillow under your knees or you can put a small curved up towel under the curve of your back.  You can also try orthopedic mattresses which is specially designed to support your back.

2. Sleeping Position for Shoulder Pain

Sleeping Position for Shoulder Pain

If you have pain in anyone of your shoulders then it is recommended for you to sleep on your pain free side of your shoulder, by bending your legs slightly. You can also sleep by clasping a pillow to your chest or if you want some extra support then you can tuck a pillow between your legs.

3. Sleeping Position for Sinus Infection

Sleeping Position for Sinus Infection

If you are troubled by a sinus infection, then it would be advantageous for you to sleep in recommended positions because it can be harmful for your health for sleeping in other positions. It is advised to sleep with your head little elevated. When your head is down mucus pools in your sinuses at night time that is why keeping a pillow under your head is recommended.

4. Sleeping Position for Headaches

Sleeping Position for Headaches

You must keep your head straight with the help of pillows placed on both the sides of your neck as turning your head during the sleep might increase your headache.

5. Sleeping Position for PMS Pain

Sleeping Position for PMS Pain

Girls who deal with PMS pain can use such sleeping position which can make it less painful. They can put a pillow under their knees to keep their spine from arching too much.

6. Sleeping Position for High Blood Pressure

Sleeping Position for High Blood Pressure

Along with consulting the doctor about what precautions you should take or what medicines you should take, you must sleep you head down. This sleeping position is known for lowering your blood pressure.

7. Sleeping Position for Better Digestion

Sleeping Position for Better Digestion

It is said that sleeping to your left can improve your digestion, so if you have digestion issues then you must sleep to your left always.

8. Sleeping Position for Neck Pain

Sleeping Position for Neck Pain

Using additional support under waist and knees can give you relief in your neck pain. It is very important to choose the right kind of mattresses too, if you want to stay away from any such pain.

9. Sleeping Position for Heartburn

Sleeping Position for Heartburn

You can get some relief in your heartburn if you sleep on your left side. It would be more beneficial for you if you have the right mattresses at your home.

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