How to get good night’s sleep?

How to Get Good Night Sleep

A good night sleep can improve our productivity and concentration. We all believe that, isn’t it?

It’s a proven fact that somebody’s getting a sleep of 7 hours is said to have a good night’s sleep. But what if somebody is suffering to sleep? What if somebody’s changing sides whole night and waiting for the dawn?

Trouble in getting a good sleep is not rare anymore. The kind of lives we live and the schedule we follow is affecting our mind and body. We get stressed and we need to rest as well and sleep is one of the best ways to restore energy in human body.

There can be many ways to get a good night’s sleep, like – counting sheep, listening to music etc. but still some of us do not get the right sleep because of many reasons. So let’s see if we can get some good and healthy sleep by following some of the remedies below:

1.Healthy stomach leads to a healthy life. Our digestive system plays a vital role in having a healthy sound sleep. And here how it is –

● Let’s have a habit of eating dinner before 9 PM
● A cup of green/herbal tea 30 minutes before going to bed. So Relaxing!!

2. Head or Body Massage for 15-20 minutes at home also helps to get a good night’s sleep. Believe me, this works like magic. Try it.

3. Manage your lifestyle with a little yoga and exercise.

4. Let’s break the habit of using technology when we go to bed. Put away your laptops, smart phones etc.

5. Turn off the TV.

6. Create a relaxing room environment by switching off lights.

7. Get into a routine by sticking to habit of setting an alarm but at the same time stop worrying about waking up.

8. Stop thinking about work and think about what makes you smile.

9. Last, but not the least, Start believing that sleeping is one of the ultimate pleasures in life.

“The only thing that comes to a sleeping man is Dreams” – Tupac Shakur

Getting a good night’s sleep is not that hard but trying hard for it is not impossible too. Sleeping is like meditation. Trying to relax your body and switch off your mind for a bit. It is important to know that maintaining a discipline for any good habit is supreme to ultimate victory.

The real need of getting a good night’s sleep can pick you up from “I have trouble sleeping” zone and put you to “I have NO trouble sleeping” zone.

Sleep keeps your heart and mind healthy and gives you energy to face the stressful and hectic day. Stop ignoring your body and soul because relaxing is one of key motivators of human life.

Eat Healthy, Sleep Healthy, Live Healthy!!

Sleeping mattress

While buying the sleeping mattress just check out whether it has the right foam, air circulation capacity. In addition to that make sure that the inner spring is of best quality. Apart from that you should check out the type you want to buy. For example, you can give either memory foam or pocket spring one.

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