Factors that can Affect your Sleep

What are factors that are stopping you from sleeping properly

How many sleepless nights you have been through? It’s time to think what is driving you away from sleep. Frankly, the sleeping hours depends on the individual and their lifestyle. Even age factors also matter a lot in that case. But indeed it’s nightmare to spend the night without closing your eyes a bit. But here will unfold few factors that do influence your sleep.


External factors


An environment where you sleep

  • In this category, you have to talk a bit about your bedroom. Make sure that it is obvious and not cluttered. This is because it tends to destroy that sleepy head ambience.
  • Night lamps in your bedroom just at the zenith of your head is a real distracter. If you need a light then do make sure that you don’t put them directly in the bedroom instead use in the bathroom. As it won’t affect your internal clock.
  • Well once you travel the journey of sleep it takes a bit of time to get into deeper phase. In the meantime, if your sleep gets distracted by any noise then certainly you cannot get it back again. Therefore if you want to hear something like soothing music while sleeping keep it at a low volume.
  • Now temperature of your room should be moderate otherwise it would take more than ninety minutes for you to get into REM sleep. Just note that the temperature condition directly disturbs the REM sleep.


Medical conditions


  • Body pain

Like you know there are many who possibly suffer from mild to acute health pains. For example suffering from arthritic pain or menstrual issues or gas reflux actually, creates a discomfort while sleeping and that is what alleviates you from having a deep sleep.


  • Anxiety or depression

For those who are majorly disturbed by anxiety or depression really finds it hard to fall asleep. But when they do so the sleep is either light or for short duration. Therefore they are mostly in the REM stage and it gets longer for them to travel into a deep sleep zone. Why this happens? Actually when you are stressed or depressed, brain sends the signal to wake up to fight with anxiety/depression. It is a natural reaction of the body that is why in such a situation every time you’re intervened from getting profound sleep.


Shifting work schedule


There are many of you who are not used to ten to five routine work. Many of you have to work night shifts as well. Now night shifts outside your usual zone seriously affect your biological clock. That’s what happens with work shifts when you work in the night instead of sleeping. It tends to set you in an awakened mood. But internal click pushes you to fall asleep.


Jet lag


People who tend to travel a lot across meridians are likely to suffer from jet lag. Actually here a conflict takes place between the internal clock and the outside timing.


Thus these are some of the highlighted external factors influencing your sleep.

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