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Memory Foam Mattress

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  1. Cool Ortho Memory Foam Mattress

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    Special Price Rs.6,824.25 MRP Rs.9,099.00
    • Support layer: High Resilience foam
    • Comfort layer : Memory Foam; contours to body shape
    • Firmness level: Medium firmness
    • Use: both sides.
    • Type of sleeper: suitable for Side and Stomach Sleepers .
    • Warranty: 12 years.
    • Fabric Material: Heavy Imported COOL fabric and Mesh fabric; anti-sweat properties .
    • Shipping: Direct from factory to your desired destination.
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What is Memory Foam?

Memory foam mattresses have become widely popular in today’s world. Its popularity does justice to its use. Memory foam is in great demand due to material, affordability, technology and comfort. It was introduced in medical field to comfort, protect and cushion individuals in wheelchair seat and hospital intensive care units. When you lay down in same position for long hours, the pressure and gravity can affect circulation. Sometimes it may damage soft tissues. Memory foam was introduced with pressure relieving properties and benefits. It helps minimize pain in many body areas. Pressure point relief is a core benefit of such beds designed with memory foam.

How does memory foam mould to body’s shape?

It is composed of viscoelastic material. Visco-elastic comes from the word viscous meaning slow moving and elastic meaning something that comes back to its original shape. Memory foam thus takes the shape slowly and comes back to original form when the force is removed. It works by absorbing the body’s heat and softening in those areas, providing support. This enables it to further change its shape and distributes body’s weight evenly. The body weight particularly at the shoulders and the hips compresses the foam, relieving pressure on them, thereby enhancing the support. Once the weight is removed, the mattress regains its shape as there is no heat on the mattress anymore. If turning and tossing are the main cause of poor night’s sleep, then memory foam may reduce it and bring sound sleep to you.

Memory foam provides support that help relieve and prevent pain in areas like shoulders, hips and back. This can be beneficial for people who have been suffering from the problem like fibromyalgia and arthritis. If you want optimal comfort, then memory foams are for you.

Nowadays, memory foam is used in mattresses, mattress pads, pillows and much more. These products are easily available in different depth and densities. You can buy these mattresses online with us. You can find all different memory foam mattress sizes i.e. for single bed, double bed, King size or queen size mattress. We offer mattresses at best price.

These are the great option for allergy sufferers. These are designed with hypoallergenic substances that are suitable for people sensitive to chemicals and smells. These are also perfect for adjustable beds. These mattresses require low or no maintaining cost. These memory foam mattresses always ensure long life and durability. Besides support and durability, it contributes to quality sleep.

How does it help sleepers?

Memory foam is a fit for all types of sleepers, whether they are back, side or stomach sleepers.

  • Back sleepers: it takes the shape of the natural alignment of your spine. They can get utmost lumbar support and relaxed back. 
  • Side sleeper: it can balance the pressure from shoulders and hips and support waist to keep spine even. 
  • Stomach sleeper: If you are stomach sleeper, it keeps the back in shape. It prevents sore pressure points.

Why to buy memory foam mattresses?

  • Comfort
  • Causes zero disturbance to the partner sleeping next to you as it prevents your movement from travelling across the cells of the memory foam. 
  • Durability
  • Anti-microbial technology
  • Warranty

How Fresh Up memory foam mattress is best?

  • Best quality, no compromise on quality is their moto.
  • All the components/ raw materials used in the mattresses are made in house, that is, the memory foam, PU foam, springs everything is manufactured in their own factory, reducing the cost and the shipping time.
  • Cost-effective since everything is manufactured in their manufacturing unit.
  • Less time to ship the product from the factory.

So why wait? Order the desired memory foam mattress online after choosing the needed size i.e. Single bed, double bed, King size or queen size mattress. Shipping is free and delivery is hassle free. 

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