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A blanket isn’t just for cold months when you want to cuddle up with a hot cup of cocoa and a blanket, wrapped in your cozy blanket. A warm cozy blanket is undoubtedly your best bet if you’re looking for ways to stay warm, but what if we say you can use our bed linens all season long. Not only pillows, mattresses but also soft & comforting bed blankets & comforters. To keep yourself comfortable, you should choose fabrics that are warm. Did you know that the list goes beyond the traditional woolen ones, there are different types of blankets and that each of them has a unique name?

FreshUp Mattress’ cozy blankets filled with the best fabric to keep you warm in winters add more than just visual appeal to a room. They also offer texture, which is essential to interior design in more ways than people realize. With so many to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits each person’s home decor style.

Top 3 Best Cozy Blankets for all Seasons

When you’re shopping for a blanket online, think of FreshUp Mattress, the selection is endless. Take a pick of your preference from Reversible Microfiber Comforter, Flannel Blanket, and Mink Blanket. Check on the colour, prints, and patterns that never go out of style, select the one that will incorporate with the rest of the decor.

Mink Blankets Online useful in heavy winter season

A Mink blanket from FreshUp Mattress is made of soft, breathable, and a Two Ply-Double blanket that provides an additional layer of warmth to your body. Mink blankets are in the category of heavy blankets for winter. These blankets are made with a superfine pure Mink fabric that is incredibly soft yet both cozy and airy.


Mink Blanket Special Key Features

It comes in a variety of colours- Maroon Blanket, Dark Grey Blanket, Dark Brown Blanket, Yellow blanket, and Blue Grey Blanket.
The blanket has outstanding- textures, floral & geometric patterns.
Dimensions– 228cm x 228cm or 90×90 inches; Double Bed size.
Gentle Machine or Hand Wash.
Fill and Material – Two Ply-Double Layer Mink Fabric.
It can be used in all seasons.

Flannel Blankets for All Season

Having a 100% flannel surface, Freshup Mattress’ flannel blankets are designed with a brushed surface that allows air and body heat to circulate while keeping you warm in cold weather. Flannel blankets also help to keep moisture away from your body, which is great in cool weather. As an AC or Summer blanket in summers, place it under a duvet in winters to keep warm.

Benefits of investing in Flannel Blankets

Key Features –
Flannel Blanket super comfortable for all season.
It comes in a variety of colours – Blue Blanket, Yellow Flannel Blanket, and Red Flannel Blanket.
The blanket has outstanding geometric patterns and It is a reversible blanket.
Dimensions – 228cm x 254cm or 90x100inches; Double Bed size.
Gentle Machine or Hand Wash.
Fill and Material – Fur and Flannel Fabric.

Reversible Microfiber Comforter Blanket Online

Are Comforters Blankets useful in all seasons?

Fresh Up Mattress’ reversible microfiber comforter is the best kind of blanket for winter and summers that comes in a good-sized, double bed comforter that is lightweight and provides luxurious comfort. Made of 200GSM of 100% virgin microfiber cover with premium soft micro-polycotton fabric, the comforter provides luxurious comfort. Reversible comforter blankets utilize reversible design technology. As their name indicates, this type of quilt blanket is a type of duvet that can be used on both sides. The sides can be different in terms of fabric material or just colour.

Advantage of Reversible Comforter Blanket

Reversible Comforter Blankets super comfortable all season – winter, rainy and summer
It comes in a variety of colours – Grey-Green, Blue-Red, and Grey-Orange.
Use – Reversible, can be used from both sides. The AC or Summer blanket in summers and put it under a duvet in winters to get that cozy feel all year round.
Dimensions – 228cm x 254cm or 90x100inches; Double Bed size.
Gentle Machine or Hand Wash.
Fill and Material – 200GSM 100% Virgin Microfiber cover with Premium Soft Micro-Polycotton Fabric.
Machine – Box Stitch ensures that the Microfiber filling remains intact in place.

If you’re buying a new blanket for your bed, Choose FreshUp Mattress to choose a blanket that suits your unique needs. FreshUp mattress is one of the best brands for mattress & bed lines available in India.

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