How to Measure Sofa Cum Bed: A Quick Guide

Sofa Cum Bed Mattress

Wondering how a convertible sofa cum bed is measured? We have compiled a quick guide to help get you out of this sticky situation. At the end of this guide, you will be able to gauge whether a space in your house is enough to be able to fit in your new sofa cum bed. Alternatively, you will also be able to measure your existing sofa cum bed when looking to buy a sofa cum bed online.

How to Take Sofa Cum Bed Dimensions

When you look at a convertible sofa bed with its foldable mattress, it might seem confusing at first as to where to begin with the measurements. Refer to the image below for a clearer picture. In the image below, you are seeing the dimensions of the Comfort Zila Sofa cum Bed, available exclusively with Fresh Up Mattress.

Sofa Cum Bed Mattress Size

When measuring the width, measure externally from arm to arm of the sofa. This will ensure that you are measuring the width between the 2 farthest points of the sofa.

When measuring the height, walk to the back of the sofa. And then take the measurements from the highest point right down to where the sofa touches the floor.

Measure the length of the foot of the sofa by starting from any point where the sofa touches the floor and going straight up, to the outer edge of the sofa pillows. Next, measure the sofa seat by placing one end of the tape at the outer edge of the sofa cushion/sofa pillow, and the other end of the tape on the inner edge. This should cover the entire extent of the sofa pillows. Lastly, measure the back of the sofa, by placing one end of the tape on the inner edge of the sofa cushions and the other edge at the highest point of the back of the sofa. Adding all the 3 measurements should give you an accurate measure of the length of your foldable mattress bed.

Standard Sofa Cum Bed Sizes

Sofa cum beds come in all sizes; with Fresh Up Mattress, you’ll find sofa beds with king size mattress beds, queen size mattress beds, among many others. King-size beds can comfortably sleep 3 to 4 people, queen-size beds can sleep 3, diwan beds can sleep 2, and so on.

However, when it comes to sofa cum beds, the points to take into consideration can change. When you are looking for the best suited mattress bed, it is usually enough to check out the standard sizes of your single, king, and queen size beds. But when it comes to foldable mattresses and sofa cum beds, you need to see a few more parameters.

Take, for instance, Comfort Zila Sofa cum Bed. This sofa cum bed comes in 2 different size variants –

  1. 44 inch x 6 Feet Sofa Bed: Can comfortably seat 3, sleep 2.
  2. 44 inch x 6.5 Feet Sofa Bed: Can comfortably seat 4, sleep 2.

For a better understanding, you can refer to the comprehensive table below. In this table, you are seeing the different types available for the Siesta Sofa Cum Bed.

3 Seater 4 Seater
Sofa Dimensions : 4×6 feet Sofa Dimensions : 4×6 feet
Width: 52 inches Width: 52 inches
Height of the seat (from floor): 14 inches Height of the seat (from floor): 14 inches
Depth of the seat: 22 inches Depth of the seat: 22 inches
Sofa height: 28 inches Sofa height: 28 inches
As Mattress: 72x44x14 inches As Mattress: 78x44x14 inches
Seating Capacity: 3-Seater Seating Capacity: 4-Seater
Sleeping Mattress capacity: 2 person sleeps comfortably Sleeping Mattress capacity: 2 person sleeps comfortably

Table: Size Guide for Siesta Sofa Cum Bed

How to Choose the Right Sofa Cum Bed for You

As seen, you need to understand the primary functionality of your new sofa cum bed and buy one in accordance with what it will be used for more.

  • Will this sofa bed be used for daily seating purposes and to sleep an occasional guest?
  • How many people will make use of its sleeping functionality?

The size of the sofa cum bed you finally decide to go with will be governed quite a bit by how you answer the above questions.

Another important factor to consider is the space this new addition will fit into. A compact space could allow you to buy a good queen-sized sofa bed that would comfortably sleep 2 of your guests and their child. But a bigger space might fit a king-sized bed, which would be allow up to 3 people to sleep comfortably, whilst seating up to 4.

sofacumbed MattressConvertible Sofa Cum Bed Mattress

When there are all these factors to consider, it can get a little overwhelming. But we hope that with this guide, you now have a better understanding. Visit us to get started on your exciting journey of buying buy your new sofa cum bed!

4 Sit & 2 Sleep 78 Inches by 48 Inches3 Sit and 2 Sleep 72 by 48 Inches

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