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As we sleep, our posture tends to be whatever feels comfortable, and as a result, we wake up with neck strains. In the long run, ignorance of healthy sleeping habits can prove really troublesome.

Most of us don’t want to spend time & money on buying the best pillow online. At the same time, you also don’t like to go through the frustrating start of the day, where you wake up with neck and shoulder pain, or with a sore back because of inadequate support & bad posture while sleeping. Keeping your neck correctly aligned is important for keeping your spine healthy and preventing disk problems. FreshUp Mattress offers the best neck pillows online to ensure that you stay pain-free.

The Feelings of Healing With Memory Foam Pillow

A memory foam pillow provides the ultimate relaxation for the head, neck, and shoulder. Memory foam is manufactured from viscoelastic foam, a material invented over half a century ago by NASA. Memory foam was originally used to make seats and cushions of spacecraft because of its quality and ability to respond to heat and pressure. It provides excellent support and returns to its original shape when heated or compressed.

This neck pillow is made out of adaptive foam, premium knitted fabric, and aerimesh material to relax the neck and shoulder muscles. Once your head is lifted, you will notice that it retains its shape. Memory foam mattresses & pillows by Fresh Up Mattress are 100% breathable, easy to clean.

Memory Foam Pillow Freshup Air Pocket

Benefits of Memory Foam Pillow

  • Memory Foam Pillow Useful for neck pain
  • Best neck pillows for comfortable travels
  • Super soft Memory foam Pillow

The Feeling Of Optimum Comfort & Support With Microfiber Pillow

With FreshUp Mattress’ microfiber pillows, you can rest on an antibacterial, hygienic surface while enjoying a soothing sensation. The microfiber pillow has a balanced weight and fluffiness due to the organic cotton filling, and Microfiber ensures that bacteria and microbes cannot accumulate on the pillow. Moreover, they give you a soft touch and improve your mental health so you can have a more restful sleep. More fluffy and plush than traditional pillows.

Microfiber Pillow for Neck Pain

Benefits of FreshUp Mattress’ Microfiber pillows

  • Perfect for side, back, and stomach sleepers.
  • Covered in skin-friendly fabric
  • They won’t cause irritation or allergies due to their Antibacterial Protection.

Consequently, you can sleep uninterruptedly without feeling uncomfortable and wake up the next morning feeling fresh and energetic.

Why is investing in Freshup’s Microfiber Pillow a great idea?

The microfiber filling is soft, cushiony, comfortable, and offers a bouncy feel while sleeping. A dense filling of this cushion creates a puffy, springy feeling that supports the head, neck, upper spine, and shoulder joints equally. While you sleep, your Microfiber pillow makes sure that your neck and spine remain in natural alignment. By providing uniform levels of comfort, the body is properly supported, and the posture is aligned. If you sleep with your head slightly elevated, you will not experience any pressure on your shoulders or neck.

Microfiber pillows will also conform to the curve of your head, providing you with the most comfortable sleep possible.

The FreshUp Microfiber pillow measures 27″x17″ and features a cotton and microfiber filling that gives you a feel of extra softness. To keep your Microfiber pillow fresh and new, it is always good to give a gentle hand wash.

The Feeling of Maximum Support & Heightened Comfort

Microfiber Pillow with Adjustable Height by FreshUp helps you maintain an ideal posture, making it the best neck support pillow that you can buy when doing online shopping for bedding lines. These good quality Microfiber pillows with Adjustable Height by FreshUp Mattress are a must-have as they are made from 100% virgin microfiber & polycotton, which makes them breathable, ensuring a constant flow of air between the layers. Suitable for a back sleeper, side sleeper, and stomach sleeper, the luxury Microfiber pillow with adjustable height accommodates your neck resting positions and aligns your neck with the spine that will reduce neck pain or back pain.

The pillows are soft & fluffy and offer excellent neck support to the sleeper

The Adjustable Height Microfiber pillow from FreshUp comes with a removable zipper that allows the user to adjust the height of the pillow according to their comfort level and correct body posture. This hypoallergenic sleeping pillow reduces or prevents allergic reactions, such as dust mites, to help you sleep better. It is extra soft and fluffy, with an adjustable height, and offers great head and neck support while you sleep.

 Microfiber Pillow With Adjustable Height

Best Pillow For Neck Pain In India By Freshup Mattress

FreshUp Mattress pillows are designed to offer maximum comfort and maintain a proper position of head and neck while sleeping, and evenly distribute the pressure and weight of your head. A good sleep requires the best supportive mattress, cozy blanket, and soft yet highly comfy pillow. These are the factors that offer a quality night’s sleep, so wrap yourself up in a warm embrace at the end of each day so that you wake up fresh the next day.

Planning to buy a pillow online, Scroll on FreshUp Mattress for a comfy sleep.

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