Ultimate Guide to Buy a New Bed Pillows


You should consider the quick questions while buying a pillow

Did you ever wake up in the middle of your sleep due to a neck strain?
Have you ever struggled to maintain the correct posture while sleeping on your side?
If that is the case, then have you ever considered that pillows could be the cause?

Sleeping on a comfortable pillow is key to a good night’s sleep. Whether you prefer firm or soft pillows, pillows provide a supportive and comfortable place to rest your head and neck. The problem is that there are many pillows available on the market today, which makes finding the best pillow for sleeping is difficult. We will let you know the factors you should consider when buying a pillow based on your preferences, taking into account the pillow price, sleeping position, filling & material, and size.

Consider on filling & material of pillow before you shop online-

There are a variety of filler materials that can be stuffed into pillows, everything from firm to fluffy. Here are the most popular types of pillows.

Memory Foam Pillow – Memory foam is one of the best choices for providing head, neck, and shoulder relaxation. Its adaptable foam, premium knitted fabric, and aerimesh fabric relax the muscles in the neck and shoulders. This pillow adjusts to the shape of your head and maintains that shape once you lift it.

The pillow ensures an ideal posture is maintained, making it an excellent choice for a neck support pillow. Memory foam mattresses and pillows by Fresh Up Mattress are highly recommended by physicians because they are 100% breathable. This pillow for neck pain comes with a removable and washable zipper cover further enhances the quality of this mattress. With Fresh Up Mattress, we manufacture raw materials in-house, whether it is premium foam or pocket springs. The result is unmatched quality, and the products are bankable.

Microfiber Pillow – Pillows made from microfiber from FreshUp Mattress are praised for their softness and antibacterial properties. You can lay on them and enjoy a soothing sensation while feeling hygienic. It has a microfiber filling that is 100% natural and organic, so this pillow for neck pain keeps its shape and weight while still retaining its fluffiness. You can also carry this pillow in the car as a travel pillow and enjoy long rides without body stress or back & neck pain. Microfiber filling keeps the neck pillow clean and fresh, so microbes and bacteria cannot grow on it. Fresh Up Mattress is here to revolutionize sleep routines. Producing our own raw materials, we eliminate the middleman. Our products include UHD premium foam, HD foam, and springs.


Microfiber Pillow with Adjustable Height – As a must-have, these Microfiber pillows make excellent neck support as they are made of 100% virgin microfiber & polycotton, which makes them breathable, ensuring an even flow of air between the layers. You can open the zipper cover to remove the microfiber and adjust the neck pillow height to your comfort level and correct body posture. Microfiber bed pillows are hypoallergenic and anti-microbial to reduce allergy reactions. We produce our own raw materials, from UHD premium foam to springs, in-house, ensuring top-notch quality.


Choose the right bed pillow for your sleeping style

Filling material  Adaptive Memory Foam for proper neck support  Filling Material: 100% Virgin Microfiber filling that feels soft on the skin  100% Virgin Microfiber filling that feels soft on the skin 
Cover Material  Premium Knitted Fabric and Aerimesh fabric  Polycotton and Microfiber  Polycotton and Microfiber 
Sleeping Position  Side Sleepers  Back sleeper, Side sleeper, and Stomach sleeper  Back sleeper, Side sleeper, and Stomach sleeper 
Uses  For Neck Pain and Orthopedic purpose  Extra soft Microfiber pillow offers a puffed and springy feeling, which supports the head, neck, upper spine, and shoulder joints equally.  Extra soft & fluffy Microfiber pillow with adjustable height offers great head and neck support 
Breathability  yes  yes  yes 
Wash Care  Removable and Washable zipper cover  Hand wash  Gentle Hand Wash 
Warranty  5 years   –  –
Pillow price   1481  1099  1099
Size  24″x16″  27″x17″  27″x17″ 

Don’t ignore your pillow! It’s an important factor to get a comfortable & restful sleep.

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