Boost The Lifespan of Your Mattress by Investing in A Mattress Protector

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Mattress stands as a quintessential asset for all, to obtain good sleep, improve postures, and prevent musculoskeletal problems. Many buyers overlook the necessity of buying a compatible mattress along with a bed. The distinction between a healthy and exhausting life is a mattress. Now, if a person has got himself a cozy, comfortable, and expensive mattress for a good sleep, he would do additional efforts to prevent it from further degrades. Normally a mattress goes well for 5- 7 years but with some efforts and preventions, its durability can be contained for a little longer.

We, as a new buyer take so many efforts and prevent spills, damages in the initial stages but later we loosen up our initiatives. If not taken care of, food spills, unhealthy bacteria, body fluids, moisture can deteriorate the quality of the mattress. Mattress protector is an external layer that aids the life of the mattress and helps in keeping the mattress clean. It can save your replacement costs and stress of maintenance every time. Given below is the importance of mattress protector that you should consider-

Mattress remains Hygienic – Most of the people are habitual of keeping their bedsheets clean and avoid any food or fluid spills on the bed. It creates a notion of the bed being very clean but in actual it is not. Environmental bacteria, body sweats, stains, saliva, body fluids can make it dirty. It may not be visible with naked eyes, but deep inside it is causing damage to the mattress. With the help of mattress protector, your mattress can remain hygienic and protected. If you buy mattress protector online, be assured that your mattress is safe from –

  1. Airborne bacteria or particles.
  2. Moisture.
  3. Several classifications of Fungi.
  4. Human skin cells and body fluid generation.
  5. Pet hair and bacteria.
  6. Termites and dust mites.


Your bed does not stink – Even if you are changing the sheets every second day, there are so many factors that are still contributing to the bad odor of the mattress. Some of the reasons are – baby bed wets, sweat, body odor, air pollutants, etc. Not instantly but over the years, the smell will start increasing which will further cause discomfort while resting. You cannot use your sleeping pad as it may get intolerable. Mattress protector ensures that the bed does not stink as its layer absorbs all the foul smell and you can easily wash it anytime. It is just a layer in combination with cotton material coated with TPU film with elastic on all sides to cover the entire mattress. It is furthermore easy to zip up and unzip from the mattress.

Mattress protector is affordable – When you can protect a mattress, then you don’t have to worry about spending on it after every few years. You can buy mattress protector online from a Fresh up mattresses. It is a leading online and physical store from where you can not only buy the protectors but microfibre pillow as well. Ensuring that your sleeping mattress is fine comes under budgeted costs. No replacement is needed in the near future if you have covered your mattress with a mattress protector. It is affordable, easily available, and comfortable.

Aids to good sleep – Earlier were the days when mattress protector was manufactured in the form of synthetic sheets that produced heat and caused discomfort. Protectors keep the mattress safe, aligned and help the person sleep better. Now it is as comfortable as your bedsheet. Some of the protectors are made up of gel technology and essential fibers which promote relaxation to the body. It heals the discomfort and releases stress inside the body.

Good news for allergic people – Many people around us are allergic to dust, bacteria, and bad odor. When you don’t put a layer on your mattress, it will attract all the damaging bacteria, dust mites, and smell. It won’t go easy as it is trapped inside the mattress. The solution is that when the mattress is covered with an additional layer, it will keep the dust mites and bacteria away from the bed. So, to all the allergic people, a mattress protector is a boon to a happy allergy-free life.

These were the important features and benefits of having a mattress protector. Although you should also know that it is available in various sizes and can cover your tiny or huge bed easily. From single beds to deluxe king size bed, it is available from Fresh up mattresses. The seller widely deals in different types of mattresses such as – orthopedic, memory foam, and hard mattress. You can also buy microfibre pillow online from here to give support to your neck and spine region. Fresh up mattresses are trusted by many orthopedics across the country. There is a chain of multiple satisfied customers. Be your any shopping regarding the mattress, you can rely on Fresh up. You may either locate a store or buy mattress online. The choice depends on you.

At the end, selecting your mattress protector stands as important as selecting a mattress itself. It is essential to contain the mattress health and keep it away from bugs and mites. Buy a protector today to end the worries of maintaining the mattress.

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