5 Times A Poor-Quality Mattress Can Target Your Health

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In today’s world, most of us find ourselves leading a stressful lifestyle that poses a dangerous threat to our health. When we lack that all-too-important good night’s sleep, we expose ourselves to numerous psychological and bodily diseases. At the end of the day, our body needs an adequate amount of rest to recover from all the constant stress. 

Quality sleep is a quintessential component of relaxing the mind and body. And an important ingredient of good quality sleep is a good quality mattress bed. It ensures that we sleep well, our body is well-prepared to take on the next day, and our mind is refreshed. A mattress is a key to a healthy lifestyle yet is one of the most underestimated items. Many of us compromise our health by sleeping on the same old mattress even though it no longer serves its purpose. A good mattress for back pain has the power to really uplift your quality of living.

Here are 5 times when a poor mattress can adversely affect your health –   

Make Your Sleep Better at Night
Make Your Sleep Better at Night

Back Aches 

One of the most serious health issues caused by old mattresses is backaches. As a mattress bed nears its expiry, it no longer serves its purpose – providing unmatched comfort and support to your body. It creates stress while resting, as your body weight is not supported by these older, used mattresses. If you have been waking up with soreness and backaches, it is your final call to replace your mattress bed with a quality bed for back pain 

It is essential to maintain a natural body curve while sleeping. Otherwise, you’ll have to live with soreness, deformities, and back pain. Mattress stores like Fresh Up offer a specialized mattress bed for back pain. A sleep pad compatible with our body not only supports our back but also absorbs the stress of muscles. Also, it ensures that we are getting undisturbed sleep so that our mind functions in a healthy and positive manner. Fresh Up designs the best mattress for back pain. One such good mattress for back pain is the Ortho Memory Foam Mattress from Fresh up mattress. Fresh Up Mattresses is a leading brand that deals exclusively in quality products at affordable prices. The best bed mattress price in India, if bought from fresh up mattress, will not cost you more than INR 15,000.  

Adversely Affected Immune System

When your body fails to get an adequate amount of rest in a good quality sleep mattress, the regular body functions are disrupted to an unimaginable extent. Furthermore, it leads to a weaker immunity system, which means that you are more likely to get ill if you have not been sleeping properly. To maintain positive health and enhance your lifespan, choose to sleep on a good quality mattress bed and leave behind your old and filthy one. Buy a variety of compatible types of mattresses from the Fresh up mattress, the best mattress brand in India online 

Memory Loss 

Needless to say, when you are unable to sleep or are interrupted in the night because of uncomfortable mattresses, it affects your mental well-being. Sooner or later, sleep deprivation will affect your memory. 
In the long run, your memory can take a major hit. Uninterrupted sleep every night helps in positive brain functioning. It refreshes the mind and leaves you feeling happy and productive. A soft mattress feels like a cosy hug.  
In case you are tossing in the night on your old mattresses, immediately get yourself a brand-new mattress online. Mattress bed price in India ranges from 6000 INR to 15,000 INR.

Muscle Soreness 

Another frequent complaint that can be heard from people using an uncomfortable sleep mattress, is muscle soreness. Old and used mattress beds have a surface that is unsupportive to the body. That creates tension and affects your muscles and joints. Whereas, when sleeping on a good quality mattress like the Ortho Memory Foam Mattress by Fresh Up Mattress, the surface will absorb the stress of your body by equally distributing the body weight. This leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new day with gumption.  

Waking up to muscle soreness can be a hint to change your mattresses immediately. Buy yourself a mattress online, only from Fresh Up Mattresses.  Mattress price in India if bought from Fresh Up will range between 7000 INR to 15,000 INR. You can choose the best mattress from a wide variety, including queen bed size, king size mattress, single bed size, etc. Buy mattress online by switching to India’s most trusted, authentic mattresses brand.

Aging before time 

A study conducted by sleep researchers suggested that people who did not get adequate rest at night, were more prone to premature aging than the ones who did.  When we do not sleep enough, our body is unable to repair our skin cells. That leaves us looking dull and tired. To prevent wrinkles, dullness, or loose skin, research advises you to enjoy uninterrupted sleep of minimum 7 hours.  

At times, your mattress might be the culprit. A poorly designed mattress for back pain causes disturbed sleep at night. If you are suffering from sleep deprivation, it is better to reevaluate your sleeping pad and replace it with a more compatible one. There are types of mattresses in the market, including a memory foam mattress, soft mattress, medium-firm mattress, etc. Study the features of each mattress online and invest in your health by taking home a good quality mattress.  

In addition to these 5 mentioned health hazards, a bad quality mattress can be held responsible for – postural deformities, arthritis, immobility, frustration, lack of concentration, etc.  

To save yourself from such health hazards, we would advise you to never compromise on your comfort. Switch to Fresh Up Mattresses, and welcome comfort and quality into your life. Fresh Up Mattresses is one of the few mattress brands in India that provide over 10-year warranties on many of its products. Buy your next mattress online, exclusively with India’s only breathable mattress brand, Fresh Up Mattresses. 

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