Acknowledge These 5 Sleep Mattress Myths Debunked

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After a perennial and exhausting day, our bodies usually lag the energy. To revitalize the vigor and release mental stress, uninterrupted sleep is required. Quality mattresses play an essential role in extending the body with the comfort and support needed to rest. Additionally, it keeps the bones, joints, and muscles health intact for long. Buying a mattress today has become an entangled process when we are presented with numerous varieties and offers. To narrow down our search, we should comprehend the accurate information out of the deceptive pieces of content. Since the purchase of a mattress is occasional, we all usually get very conscious while investing our money. Given below are some myths and the truth behind it, which can be utilized while purchasing and using the bed mattress –

Myth – 1:  Same mattress is suitable for everybody in your family:

Most of you have this preconceived notion of the fact that the same mattress is compatible to everybody in the family. The statement is not true at all as every person has different requirement of sleeping pads. Since we subconsciously agree that everybody sleeps in a dissimilar position. So, the requirement of the mattresses also varies in context to your resting postures. On one hand, back sleepers are more compatible on foam mattress while on the other hand, side sleepers are best suited with spring mattresses. Additionally, some members have spine and muscle problems which requires them to sleep on special orthopedic sleep pads.

If you are in search of a mattress, make sure you are considering the requirements of the person you are going to share your bed with. You can buy best foam mattress online from Fresh up mattresses. It is a quality product direct from the factories at reasonable rate. You can login to the fresh up mattress site and make the purchase. It is a trusted brand by many customers across the country.

Myth – 2: Concrete hard mattresses are well suited for people suffering from musculoskeletal problems :

The next myth in the line which people blindly follow is that ones with musculoskeletal problems such as – back aches and muscle soreness, should sleep on hard mattresses. Reason behind the statement is not true because, while sleeping on such concrete mattresses, the natural spine curvature is not maintained. The spinal cord makes a ‘S’ in resting posture which is not supported by concrete mattress. Hard mattresses do not aid to the back which results in prolonged stress and back aches. A good mattress should support the shoulders, collar bones, spinal cord and hips. Medium concrete mattresses such as orthopedic and foam mattress can be compatible in case of back problems. One should only look for hard mattresses when either they are used to it from the beginning or sleep on the sides. If after reading this you are reluctant to buy a new mattress, know best mattress price in India ranges between 8,000 INR till 40,000 INR. The ranges can differ because of the quality, material used, and warranty provided.

Myth – 3: You can get comfortable with your new mattress as soon as you lie on it:

This myth is totally untrue as we usually take somewhere between 30- 45 days to adjust with new mattresses. Our body is used to the previous sleeping surface and takes time to recognize the new one. People suffering from turns or tosses at night on new mattress can consider it normal.  Our muscles joints along with whole body will consume some nights to get adjusted to the new sleeping pad. This is not an indication to buy the similar type of mattress from the same retailer every time. We have so many options which can be far more comfortable and compatible than our previous sleeping pads. You should consider different options and give it a try.

Myth – 4: Position of mattress should be changing every now and then:

Mostly, the mattresses today are considered in a such a fashion today that it is usable through one side only. It further means that these sleeping pads can provide the comfort from a single side. We usually fail to understand this part and flip it every now and then. This activity can cause discomfort in our body when we will sleep on the other portion of the mattress. To keep the mattress even and in a good condition, you can consider sleeping in the different spots and positions. You should always refer to the guidelines and then make the use of mattress. Before making the purchase of any mattress, you should be acknowledged with the mattress price in India. Try not to go for either too sumptuous or too cheap mattress. You can trust Fresh up mattresses with their quality as well the pricing.

Myth – 5: Showroom testing is enough to vouch for your compatible mattress:

Testing the mattress once in showroom cannot confirm for your comfort and compatibility. It may take up to several hours or days to understand your feasibility with the mattress. To come on a conclusion, several brands have started offering the 1- 2 months of free trial. In this case, you can return the sleeping pad if you do not feel comfortable. Once your body adapts the new surface then only it can decide the comfort level. Make sure to ask for the free trials from service provider to come down to a better decision and investment.

Now that these myths are debunked, you can utilize it while making a new search or using the existing mattress. You can also narrow down your brand search to Fresh up mattresses. They are the quality mattress providers. You have the option to either buy from the market stores or through online mattress website. Every product is a fresh item straight out of factories. You can pour your trust and invest in the brand to get the best mattress available in the market.

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