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Fresh Up Mattresses has a wide range of dealer/ distributor network in Bangalore. If you want to experience the mattress, you can visit the dealers (the addresses of local dealers/distributors in Bangalore are available at the top "Dealer Locator" link, you just have to input the pin code of the area to find the dealers.) else you can order the mattress online through website and experience the mattress after making a purchase as we are providing 120 nights free trial. You don't have to worry about the shipping, as we are delivering the mattress directly from our factory to your home free of cost. 

Best Orthopedic Mattresses in Bangalore

  1. Ortho Time Plus Mattress
    Ortho Time Plus Mattress
    Special Price Rs.3,628.95 Regular Price Rs.5,583.00
    85% of 100
  2. Boost Up Orthopedic Mattress
    Boost Up Orthopedic Mattress
    Special Price Rs.5,416.45 Regular Price Rs.8,333.00
    89% of 100
  3. Exotica Orthopedic Mattress
    Exotica Orthopedic Mattress
    Special Price Rs.5,957.90 Regular Price Rs.9,166.00
    91% of 100


Best Spring Mattresses in Bangalore

  1. Loosen Up Bonnell Spring Mattress
    Loosen Up Bonnell Spring Mattress
    Special Price Rs.4,116.45 Regular Price Rs.6,333.00
    87% of 100
  2. Loosen Up Eurotop Spring Mattress
    Loosen Up Eurotop Spring Mattress
    Special Price Rs.5,253.95 Regular Price Rs.8,083.00
    90% of 100
  3. Harmony Eurotop Pocket Spring Mattress
    Harmony Eurotop Pocket Spring Mattress
    Special Price Rs.6,716.45 Regular Price Rs.10,333.00
    89% of 100

Best Memory Foam Mattresses in Bangalore

  1. Diffuse
    Special Price Rs.13,811.85 Regular Price Rs.21,249.00
    89% of 100
  2. Sleep Pedic
    Sleep Pedic
    Special Price Rs.11,374.35 Regular Price Rs.17,499.00
    83% of 100
  3. Immerse Platinum
    Immerse Platinum
    Special Price Rs.13,118.95 Regular Price Rs.20,183.00
    84% of 100

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