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Spring Mattress

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  1. Pocket Spring Mattress

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    Special Price Rs.7,749.75 MRP Rs.10,333.00
    • Support layer: Pocket springs promoting sound sleep.
    • Comfort layer 1: High density premium foam padding. Benefits: Extra cushioning
    • Comfort layer 2: foam quilting. Benefits: Soft and plushy
    • Pocket springs allow easy flow of air
    • Breathable Mesh fabric allows air permeability
    • Firmness level: Medium
    • Sleeping Position: Side Sleepers
    • Warranty: 10 years
    • Fabric material: knitted fabric and mesh
    • Shipping: Direct from factory to your desired destination
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Buy Spring Mattress Online India

Mattresses play an important role in making our sleep awesome and in waking up fresh. But there is wide variety of mattresses available in the market and not all of them are good for our sleep or health. We are talking here about spring mattress which consists of wide range of advanced inner spring mattresses which are designed to be long lasting and supporting. It contains various levels of cushions which cater enhanced support and comfort to the user. These spring mattresses provide superior back support and outstanding pressure relief to your body by gently comforting to everybody contour.

These luxury mattresses will let you to enjoy a lavish and pampering sleep by completely comforting your body, so that when you wake up next morning you feel refreshed and energized. Fire retardant fabric is used in these mattresses which make them naturally resistant to fire. Spring mattresses are considered very helpful in distributing your body weight and giving you complete support by enhancing your comfort while sleeping. If you want to get best spring mattress in India or if you want to buy spring mattress online, then you must know that our website provides best quality spring mattresses.

Once you open our website, you will come across various options of spring mattresses and you will find numerous designs & sizes such as Single bed, double bed, King size or queen size spring mattress at reasonable price. Once you find what is suitable for you, you can place the order and the product will be delivered at your place directly. The quality of the mattresses is never compromised and they will exactly be same as they are shown in the picture. You can simply open our website if you want to buy mattresses online.

Let’s change your myth about spring mattress!

People often say spring mattresses cause poor sleep, back pain, are too bouncy/soft/ to sleep on, sag too quick. Let’s explore the logic why/ why not spring mattress!

The raw materials used in the mattress play a vital role in deciding whether a mattress will make you sleep good, sag, cause back pain. For example, a mattress A and B are composed of the exact same thickness and material such as foam, spring, memory foam. But mattress A causes pain whereas mattress B having the same material does not. This is purely because of the QUALITY of those raw materials. Similarly, a spring’s quality and its compositions are the key factors to the problem. Nowadays, to make a product cheap people often tend to lower the quality as that remains hidden in a mattress.

Factors that determine the quality of the spring:

  • It’s carbon content
  • The thickness of the wire

The region of the body that experience the highest pressure include: shoulders, back and buttocks. The thickness of the wire creates more surface area and hence support your body weight evenly. This minimizes the pressure points enforced onto the body, creating no single region facing concentrated pressure. Fresh Up Springs are composed of the highest carbon content having the wire of maximum thickness. That’s why our spring mattresses don’t poke you while you lie on them neither do they create the springy feel which many people complain.

Pocket Springs:

Pocket springs are individually enveloped springs which move independent of each other. As you can see in the image below, exerting pressure on A leaves B and the adjacent springs undisturbed. This is what we mean by zero partner disturbance or when we say pocket springs ensure sound sleep. When one person turns on the bed the adjacent person sleeping won’t feel the movement as these springs restrict the flow of motion. These springs respond independently to different weights and pressures.

Let’s talk about the quality now. The quality of the Pocket spring also determines the quality of sleep. Fresh Up pocket spring are made of High Density (HD). High density means in the same volume there is more material. Fresh Up spring mattresses have more than 350 pocket springs in each mattress, whereas other companies have a much lower number (312 count). More coil count = more support. This means even if you roll over the entire length and width of the mattress you will not fall out of support. This is why our spring mattress won’t cause any aches, no sagging, no sinking, no bouncing feel.

Spring mattress-Breathable!

Bonnell as well as Pocket springs have spaces between the coils which prevents the heat from trapping, promoting air flow, keeping the mattress breathable and keeping you non-sweaty and cool!

So why wait? Order your desired spring mattress online after selecting the needed size i.e. Single bed, double bed, King size or queen size spring mattress. Shipping is free and delivery is hassle free. 

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