Orthopedic Mattress

Mattresses designed for people suffering from back pain and joint pain

Orthopedic Mattress

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  1. Fresh Up Ortho Mattress

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    Special Price Rs.6,249.75 MRP Rs.8,333.00
    • Orthopedic mattress
    • Support layer100% pure Rebounded foam forming the core of the mattress. Benefits: providing excellent back support.
    • Comfort layer 1: Very High-Density luxury foam
    • Comfort layer 2: Heavy density quilting. Benefits: no sagging
    • Use: Both sides
    • Firmness level: One side -Medium-Hard, Opposite side: Hard
    • Sleeping Position: suitable for Back Sleepers.
    • Warranty: 12 years.
    • Fabric Material: Heavy knitted fabric.
    • Shipping: Direct from factory to your desired destination.
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Buy Orthopedic Mattress Online in India

Mattresses are an essential part of our daily life and if we want to get proper sleep, in order to wake up fresh then we have to get a good quality mattress for ourselves. The right choice of mattress does not only offer sour sleep but it also offers our back and helps us in staying away from back problems. It would really be difficult for someone who has back and joint pain to get a goodnight sleep. In such cases, doctors recommend Fresh up's orthopedic mattress for such people. These mattresses are specially designed to support joint, back and overall body.

Orthopedic mattresses focus on disorders and deformities of spine and joints and they are made up to relax such bodies. These firm mattresses cater targeted support on certain parts of the body which nullifies the problems which people experience due to bad back or joint pain. If you want to replace your regular mattress with an orthopedic one, then don’t worry because these days you will find luxury mattress online too. You can buy Fresh up's orthopedic mattress online by using our website which gives you access to a wide range of best orthopedic mattress in India. We can guarantee you that you will never find any kind of complain regarding the quality or the manufacturing of the product.

All these high quality orthopedic mattresses are available here at reasonable price and different sizes i.e. Single bed, double bed, King size or queen size at our website, when compared to other sellers or websites. These orthopedic mattresses will let you get a relaxing sleep rather than dealing with joint or back pain all night. Now just open our website, find you suitable match and place the order. The product will be delivered at your place without any hassle.

What are Fresh Up Orthopedic mattresses made of?

  • Rebonded foam: forms the core (support layer) of an Orthopedic mattress. The main aim of an orthopedic mattress is to provide good support to the back without giving a sinking or sagging feel. The rebonded foam does exactly this as it is a high-density PU foam formed of shredded foams adhered together. It forms a support base allowing the mattress to maintain longevity.

    When you lie on an Orthopedic mattress the comfort layer gradually compresses allowing the body to feel a firm surface underneath which maintains the alignment of the spine. While it is true that the soft mattress provides more cushioning and adjusts to your body’s curves better, it acts unfavourably to your joints, causing them to exert more pressure while changing positions on the mattress. A relatively firmer mattress supports the spine better.

  • Open Cell Foam: a mattress will always have a support layer and a comfort layer. The foam layer maintains the balance and adapts to your pressure points. In our Orthopedic mattresses we use PU foam of high density as a comfort layer. The high density makes the cell structure more concentrated increasing the strength and durability of the foam. It is also proven that higher the density of the foam, better the quality and we never compromise on the quality! The open cells in the foam promotes air flow ensuring that you sleep cool at night. No sweating!

  • Quilted layer: this is the very first layer your body comes in contact. Depending on the type of foam that is quilted, a quilted layer can act as a comfort layer too. It enhances the thickness and softness of the comfort layer, that is, the plushiness and the feel of the mattress. It also makes the mattress more breathable and regulates the temperature. Even if you use a firm mattress which is quilted with a soft foam, it won’t feel like you’re sleeping on the floor!

  • Fabric Cover: Our orthopedic mattresses are composed of high quality soft fabric, Knitted or Jacquard. The knitted fabric of high GSM (gram per square meter) withstands heavy weight. All are fabrics promote ventilation, so you won’t feel suffocated. 

So why wait? Book desired ortho mattress online after selecting the needed size i.e. Single bed, double bed, King size or queen size orthopedic mattress. Shipping is free and delivery is hassle free. 
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