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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which mattress is better, a soft or a firm mattress?

As recommended by Sleep Scientists and Doctors, a medium-hard mattress is better for your back as it corrects the alignment of the spine and helps maintain the S curve. An Orthopedic mattress serves this purpose. If you wish to reduce the firmness, then a mattress with memory foam as a comfort layer on the top provides cushioning without effecting much of the firmness.

Fresh Up Ortho Mattress is the best mattress for back problems. It offers dual comfort, that is, on one side it is medium-hard on the other side it is hard.

Q. Is Memory Foam mattress good for back pain?

Memory foam is a Visco elastic polyurethane foam which depicts elastic properties. It absorbs the heat from your body, becomes more viscous and takes your body shape. Once the weight is moved from a particular point, it regains its original shape at that point. This uniqueness makes it the best choice for back and side sleepers.

Advantages of Memory foam:

  • Suitable for side and back sleepers
  • Promotes lumbar support and corrects the spinal alignment
  • Eliminates pain. If you’re suffering from arthritis or any sort of joint pain, memory foam mattress is good for you.

Fresh Up Cool Ortho memory foam mattress is just right for your back. It has open cells which helps in air circulation. It moulds to your body shape, taking care of all the pressure points and providing relied to your back.

Q. I live in a hot climate; will memory foam mattress be a good option?
Memory foam functions by absorbing your body’s heat. It traps the heat within, becomes soft and takes the shape of your body. Fresh Up Cool Ortho memory foam mattress uses Open Cell Memory foam. This open cell structure of memory foam allows the air to circulate throughout the mattress preventing the heat trap and thus preventing the mattress from becoming hot. Moreover, the imported high GSM Cool fabric along with the mesh further adds on to the cooling effect.
Memory foam mattresses are a good choice because of several reasons. Firstly, they enhance the blood circulation preventing the accumulation of stress on various joints. This makes your body stress-free enabling you to sleep peacefully. Secondly, memory foam mattress restricts motion, meaning, if you toss and turn on your mattress, your partner won’t feel your movements.

Q. I sleep on my back. Which mattress is good for me?
For back sleepers, a medium hard mattress is recommended.

You can choose from the following:

Fresh Up Ortho mattress:

  • Comfort level: hard from one side; medium hard from the opposite.
  • Warranty: 12 years

Bonnell Spring mattress:

  • Comfort level: Medium hard
  • Warranty: 5 years

Q. I sleep on my side. Which mattress is good for me?
For back sleepers, a mattress of medium firmness is recommended

You can choose from the following:

Bonnell Spring mattress

  • Comfort level: Medium-hard
  • Warranty: 5 years

Pocket Spring mattress

Comfort level: Medium
Warranty: 10 years

Q. I sleep on my stomach. Which mattress is good for me?
For stomach sleepers, a soft mattress is recommended

Diffuse Memory foam mattress

  • Comfort level: Medium-Soft
  • Warranty: 10 years

Q. Are spring mattresses good for health?
A mattress always comprises of a support layer and a comfort layer. The pocket spring or the bonnell springs always form the support layer. The force that spring mattress pushes against your body is the same as the weight of the body applied on the mattress. Since body’s weight is not evenly distributed (more weight is carried on the back, shoulders and hips), the spring mattress tend to distribute pressure unevenly. However, springs form only the support layer, the multiple comfort layers added on the spring mattress helps distribute the pressure evenly thereby reducing the pain and providing more comfort.

Q. What is the difference between Pocket Spring mattress and Bonnell Spring mattress?
Pocket Spring mattress are individual coils placed adjacent to each other while bonnell springs are connected coils. Pocket springs isolate motion due to their individual encasement so you won’t feel any disturbance caused by partner’s tossing and turning on the mattress. Whereas bonnell springs do present some motion on partners movement.

Q. Do firm mattress soften over time?
Yes, every foam mattress does soften a little over time.

Q. Which mattress is good for back pain?
A mattress having medium hard comfort level is good for back pain as it relieves off pressure from pressure points like shoulders, back and hips.

Q. What is the difference between Pocket Spring and Bonnell Spring mattress?

Pocket Spring mattress Loosen Up Bonnell Spring mattress 

Comfort level: Medium

Use: only one side

 Comfort level: Medium-hard 
Use: both sides 
Support layer: Pocket spring  Support layer: Bonnell spring 
NO partner disturbance felt  Movement is felt
Comfort layer 1: Extra high Premium foam padding.Comfort layer 2: High density luxury foam quilting.   Comfort layer: Heavy density Premium foam quilting

Q. Does memory foam mattress cause back pain?
No, Memory foam is put as comfort layer in the mattress to contour to body shape. By moulding to body shape, it relieves off pressure from pressure points.