Which Mattress Is Superior For Comfort And Good Sleep – Memory Foam Or Innerspring Mattress?

memory foam mattress

Coming up from an exhausting work or school schedule, a person can be left completely incapacitated. At the end of the day, we all want a flawless time to rest and relax. As far as you are not dealing with insomnia, having interrupted sleep can be blamed to the mattress. It is said that investing in your mattress equals to investment in your health. It not only clinches you proper rest but also takes care of your musculoskeletal system. You are safeguarded from joint pains, headaches, less sleeping hours, and much more if you chose the right one to crash on. So, are you the one whose been scrolling down the sites of the internet or visiting new shops daily to get a comfortable and appropriate mattress? Being skeptical stands normal where the market has multiple lucrative options to offer. As soon as you are acknowledged with foundational knowledge of the mattresses, selecting a compatible one for yourself will become unchallenging. Here you may compare between the two bestsellers of market and come on the conclusion


Despite having so many options out there to explore and buy, memory foam mattress and innerspring mattress stand as the superior mattresses till date. Here is the detailed fundamental information of both the mattresses from which you may draw a conclusion –

  1. Memory Foam mattress –

Memory foam sleep pad a is blend of memory foam, several comfort layers and natural fillings. Being a dense capacitator, it is a superior mattress for resting and eliminating fatigue from the body. Memory foam holds the tendency to regain its shape back to normal after whatsoever movements on the bed. Memory foam is nothing but a viscoelastic which durable in nature and thus remains as it is for a long time. It will give you a soft touch while providing firmness to the body. For memory foam, the major drawback was that it used to trap heat of the body causing people trouble at night. To address these issues, gel and open cell mattresses are invented. You may buy a memory foam mattress online from fresh up mattress, trusted by many.

Here are some benefits of the mattress –

  1. Memory foam mattress is a dense capacitator and so it recognizes all your stress points in the body. As you start resting on it, you will eventually notice that all your soreness is consumed in the foam. It furthermore keeps the structure of our body intact.
  2. If you are suffering from arthritis, back pain or spinal deformity, the dense foam will give the support and comfort simultaneously to the body. Slowly, you will notice less pain in the affected body areas.
  3. Memory foam is a worthy sleep surface as it adjusts with the human temperature, body weight and takes the shape of the body naturally. This will save you from interrupted sleep and unwanted body tosses during the rest.
  4. If you share your bed, the memory foam mattress will contain the disturbance of another person coming to you. You won’t even realize the another presence while sleeping.
  5. Memory foam stands to be one of the most durable options out there because of its density and structuring. So, investing once will leave you unbothered for many years.
  6. You can also buy memory foam pillow as it supports your neck thus leaving your spine area safe too. The dense pillow will maintain the natural neck and spine curvature thus preventing the posture deformities.

If you buy memory foam mattress along with the memory foam pillow, you will be benefited with deep sleep, less joint pains and a good health. For back and side sleepers, this mattress stands as the best option.

neck support pillow

  1. Inner Spring Mattress

Innerspring, as the name suggests is an amalgamation of metal coils and comfort layers. The construction of the coils widely varies as – pocketed, continuous and offset. In addition, to provide better comfort and experience, several comfort layers are added to the coils. It can be latex, foam, memory foam, soothing and cooling material and covers. Option pillow top is added sometimes. Because of its experience and long customer satisfaction, innerspring remains in the trend. Here are some benefits of this mattress –

  1. For stomach and side sleepers, Inner spring mattress provides a comfortable touch and a compatible area to lie on.
  2. Many mattresses tend to capture the heat of the body thus leaving a person sweat at night. With innerspring, it is not the true case as it does not have the ability to hold on the heat and temperature. You can remain cooler even in the hottest temperatures.
  3. You will experience a very smooth area which won’t let your body sink into the depth. Get a soft mattress with assurance of firmness. To all the people habitual to soft sleeping pads can go for this option.
  4. If you chose a mattress which is constructed properly with the right material, you will be glad to know that you have assurance of durability.

Now that you have known both the sides of story, it will become easy to draw a conclusion. For few people first option may sound good and for others the second one. Comparing both the mattresses on a positive note, each of them has their own properties and benefits. When you see this on a large scale, you can see that memory foam mattress is beneficial on long term.

Fresh Up Mattresses 

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