Smart Ways to Arrange Furniture That Saves Space

Smart Ways to Arrange Furniture That Saves Space

Compact homes are becoming increasingly popular in big cities. City dwellers love compact apartments as they are affordable and easy to maintain. Studio apartments have become everyone’s favorite. But one of the major drawbacks of small apartments is that the space is limited. So, buying furniture pieces and arranging them can be tricky. When you are purchasing new furniture, you need to measure the space and buy pieces based on their functionality. But if you already have the necessary furniture, you can still arrange them smartly to make them serve the space better.

How to Set Up Furniture for Saving Space?

You do not have to be an interior designer to transform your kitchen or living room. Here are some amazing space-saving ideas to maximize the space in your apartment:

  1. Stack the Chairs When not in Use- Stacking chairs over each other will instantly make more space. So, don’t leave them scattered here and there when you are living on your own. Stack them neatly and keep them in one corner till the next time you need them.
  2. Conceal the Boxes and Trunks Under the Bed- When you buy beds with storage, there isn’t much vacant space under the bed. But if your bed is devoid of storage and the space under it is unutilized, there is a lot you can do. You can keep the storage boxes and trunks in that empty space and your living room will be de-cluttered.
  3. Place the Sofa Parallel to the Longest Wall- Here’s a fantastic idea to leave a walking path in your living room. The 3 Seater sofa Bed should always be kept parallel to the longest wall. In addition, there is no point leaving more than 5 inches of space between the wall and the sofa. So, place the sofa as close to the wall as possible to give the room a spacious appearance.
  4. Tuck the Bed Up Against a Corner- The bed is the main attraction in a bedroom. Center it against the longest wall and not at the end of the room. Tucking it in one corner is the best way of creating a cozy and comfortable room. This way, the room will seem cohesive and spacious, instead of disjointed and lengthy. You can also add headboards to give the room a sophisticated makeover.
  5. Shift the Refrigerator to the Kitchen- A refrigerator with ample storage is a must-have in every home. But when you don’t have a separate dining room, the refrigerator will occupy a vast space in your living-cum dining room. So, if possible, free up a corner in the kitchen and keep the refrigerator there. It will also help you reduce the cooking time when the fridge is next to the countertop.
  6. Stash the Dresser in the Closet- What could be a better way of maximizing space than stashing storage inside storage? So, if you have a custom-made big closet, save floor space by keeping the dresser inside the closet. Your bedroom will look large and peaceful once again.
  7. Use Organizers- Organizers are of great use in various places. Be it kitchen cabinets or work desks or closets – organizers are of great importance. They help you store maximum items in a neat manner. And when you can utilize the vertical place, you won’t have to hire a professional for installing more storage units.
  8. Order Double-Duty Furniture- These days, there are many furniture items designed specifically for compact homes. Floating drawers, space-saving desks, drop-leaf tables, and pull-out tables are all brilliant examples. A sofa bed is another versatile furniture. It doesn’t take more space than your regular couch but can be easily transformed into a king-sized bed. So, buy these ingenious designs as they are ideal for constrained quarters.

Final Thoughts

So, arranging furniture is an excellent way of enhancing the visual appeal of your room. It will also increase functionality and make room for new items, if needed. By making practical choices and installing furniture properly, you can create the illusion of a bigger room. So, follow the above-mentioned tips and you will be able to live in a peaceful environment with plenty of storage. Once the layout is perfect, don’t forget to decorate the space with unique décor items.

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