Orthopedic VS Spring Bed Mattress – Which Mattress to Buy for A Healthy Living?

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Today, mattresses hold the utmost essence in order to incorporate healthy living in individuals. Additionally, good sleeping pads are accountable for accurate body posture and prolonged positive mental state. While we step our foot forward to search for a reconcilable sleep mattress, we often get perplexed with various options and styles. We come across unfamiliar mattress structures and their strange benefits. It then becomes no less than a challenge to narrow down the search as per our requirements. Despite multiple mattresses adds with lucrative offers hitting our mobile screens or displaying in newspapers, we should not get inclined towards them before doing the proper research. Out of all the products out there, Orthopedic and spring bed mattresses are the number one choice of many customers. Here is the complete detailed comparison of both the sides to help you form your decision –

Spring Mattress – Spring mattress is available in every alternative household today. The bed mattress is constructed with the amalgamation of pocket springs, a quilted fabric, pocket insulator, and foam. It comes in the medium-soft category and well suited for multiple types of sleepers. The springs and dense foam furthermore help in soaking all the pressure points present inside the body and leaves an individual with utmost comfort. Spring mattress price today, is in between 8000 INR to 12,000 INR. Following are some of the spring bed mattress features which you can acknowledge for better understanding –

  1. Suitable for multiple sleepers – You will be glad to acknowledge that the spring mattress is compatible to multiple types of sleepers. Although, back sleepers are most benefited out of every type of sleeper. The coils and dense foam take the shape of the body. It recognizes all the stress points and releases them. Since your body weight will be equally distributed while you lie on the bed mattress, you won’t further develop any stress points and wake up with soreness.
  2. Disturbance cancellation – In most of the cases, we share our beds either with our partners or siblings. The major drawback which we face is the disturbances made by the other sleeper on the bed. The frequent toss and turns are responsible for the interruption in the sleep. With spring mattress comes a along a benefit of disturbance cancellation. The pocket spring resists the motion transfer from one part to another. It will not let us feel another presence on the bed during the rest.
  3. Maintenance of Temperature – Many mattresses trap the body heat beneath which causes a trouble to sleepers. While sleeping, our trapped body heat is produced which makes us feel warmer than before. Especially during the summers, we find it difficult to cope up with a warm bed mattress. In the case of spring mattress, there is a proper ventilation of air between the layers of the sleep pad. It does not contain the heat and maintains the normal body temperature throughout.
  4. Durability – When you have invested in a pocket spring mattress, be assured that it will extend the comfort and support to your body for around 8- 10 years. Make sure to replace your mattress every 10 years as it loses its shape and comforting surface with time.

These were some of the features of a spring mattress. Buy the product from Fresh up mattress, an online and retail store. The service provider widely deals with numerous types of mattresses. From single bed, queen till double bed all the sizes are available. The bed mattress is directly dispatched from the factories without any involvement of the other party. Best spring mattress price from Fresh up mattress will cost you nearly 9500 INR with a long-period warranty. Visit their website for detailed information on the mattresses.

Orthopedic mattress – The name itself contains the type of mattress it is. The bed mattress is specially designed for people suffering from backaches and is approved by many orthopedics across. The orthopedic mattress comes under the medium-hard category and is a very good option for those who are in the state of some postural deformities. You can buy orthopedic mattress online in India with the help of several renowned websites. Construction of this sleeping pad is done by combining premium foam, breathable layers, Insulator, and orthobond. All these materials form an orthopedic mattress which further guarantees the positive health of our musculoskeletal system. Following are the detailed features of the mattress for your acknowledgment –

  1. Accurate body posture – Since the surface of an orthopedic mattress remains concrete, it ensures the proper body posture of individuals. In case of the other soft mattresses, the spine usually gets sunk inside leaving the whole posture to be inaccurate. Your body weight is even on the orthopedic mattress which helps in the natural spine alignment and positive body posture.
  2. Usable on both sides– Unlike other one side usable mattresses, orthopedic bed mattress comes with dual usage properties. On one hand you can enjoy the medium hard surface on the other hand, you can experience the concrete sleeping pad. As per your convenience, you can just switch the sides and use it.
  3. Promotes better sleep – These hard mattresses make sure that you reduce your toss and turns and the night. It is done by providing a comfortable surface to relax. The sleep would not get interrupted if the body is lying in comfortable position. Also, if you are sharing your bed, then you won’t feel any disturbance during the time.
  4. Durable – Needless to say, orthopedic mattresses can easily be used up till 8 years. The quality degradation does not happen for a long time. You also don’t have to invest frequently in the mattresses.

Buy orthopedic mattress online from Fresh up mattress and take home a quality product. The mattress will cost you around 8500 INR with a warranty of 7 years.

At the end, both the mattresses are top-notch in its respective features. Based upon your need and comfort, you can narrow down your selection. Acknowledge the above- mentioned information to arrive on a wise decision.

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