How to Sleep Better When You’re Pregnant?

How to sleep with correct posture for pregnant women

When you are pregnant, it might be hard for you to get a good night sleep. It is the cruel truth of pregnancy that it is hard for you to get a good night sleep. Just when your body needs more sleep, you stay awake for the whole night. It is important for a pregnant woman to get a proper sleep of atleast 7 hours. Well, buying a new mattress can really be helpful for you as it can provide you the right kind of support and give more space to your growing body. If you want to get best kind of sleep in night then you need to buy such mattress which has memory foam in its top layer.

The difficulties during pregnancy can result into uncomfortable sleep for numerous reasons because your body changes during pregnancy.  There are various mattresses which are specially designed to fit your body shape when your body changes during pregnancy. So if you want to stay fresh and give yourself a proper sleep at night, then you need to choose the right mattress which compensates your body according to need. Here are some of the questions that you need keep in mind while going for mattress shopping when you are pregnant:-

  • You need to ask yourself, if you are getting a proper sleep of seven to eight hours or not.
  • Does your body ache when you wake up or while you sleep?
  • Do you like to feel supported when you sit or do you like to have flexible edges on your mattress?

Back pain is the most common occurrence during pregnancy and almost every woman faces this problem. Studies indicate that between 50 to 70 percent of all pregnant women go through the problems of pain in their lower back. As the time passes and the weight of your fetid increases, the centre of gravity shifts forward. In order to compensate this shift in your position, people automatically lean back and this places stress on the muscles in your lower back which results into soreness and pain. If your mattress does not provide proper support to you during your sleep then your lower back muscle can remain tensed all night.

Sleeping position when you are pregnant:

In the first trimester, your body hasn’t gained enough weight. It is important that you get the right amount of rest, therefore sleeping in whichever position you’re comfortable is recommended.

During the second trimester, the baby’s weight starts growing, which results in extra pressure on some of the areas of your body. Hence a soft mattress will do the needful. The bigger bump indicates that you need to sleep on your left side. Sleeping on your back at this time can lead the bump to exert pressure on some of the import blood vessel which can lead to faintness.

In the third trimester, the lower back feels the maximum weight due to increasing baby’s weight. To comfort this, continue sleeping on your left side with a pillow placed under your head, between the knees and under the bump to ease off the pressure from your muscles and hips.

So an unsuitable mattress might never give your back muscles a chance to relax and heal, and you will be tossing and turning all night. Be careful while choosing a luxury mattress because too soft mattress can make your body sink into a hammock position and ultimately make your spine go curve in an unnatural way. You can find the right kind of mattresses for getting a better sleep during pregnancy by choosing the mattresses from our pregnancy mattress range. Our mattress support the entire length of your spine by causing your body to rest in a natural and healthiest way possible so that you can get an amazing sleep at night and wake up fresh.

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