Follow These Essential Tips to Prevent Your Mattress from Degradation

How To prevent Mattress damage over time

The bed mattress is considered to one of the expensive investments today and is expected to be used for around a decade. Whenever we make a fresh purchase of our bed frames, we tend to be extra careful while sitting or relaxing. Initial few days the mattress is kept extra clean, the bed sheets are changed frequently, and eating food also refrains on the surface. But as time passes by, most of loose our determination of keeping it clean. Eventually, dust mites, airborne particles, bodily secretions, food stains lead to the degradation of the mattress. In order to prevent our mattress from unintended damage, we should follow these essential steps –

Essential Tips-

  1. Use a Mattress protector – Using a mattress protector will safeguard the condition of the bed frame. Additionally, it prevents the allergens, particles, bad bacteria, and accidental spills on to the mattress. A mattress protector provides an additional layer of comfort to the users while sitting or sleeping. It furthermore boosts up the lifespan of the bed frame and prevents from unusual stinking from the prolonged usage of the mattress. Also, keeping the mattress clean becomes very easy once you incorporate this protective layer on to the mattress.
  2. Mattress Ventilation – Most of us are habitual to cover our mattresses all the time leaving it no space to ventilate. By airing the mattress for a few minutes daily or alternatively can help in the reduction of bad odor, unhealthy bacteria from the surface. Also, all the moisture contained within the mattress will be evaporated leaving it to be clean and fresh. Mattress ventilation is highly essential to prevent it from further degradation. You can buy your bed frame from Fresh up mattress, online best mattress brand in India. You can scroll through their variety of sleeping pads at reasonable prices on their website. Book your quality product either online or through their stores spread across the country. You may log in to the Fresh up mattress website for further more details and clarifications.
  3. Rotate the mattress – When people sleep in the same spots on their mattress for long, it causes impactful impressions and unevenness in the bed surfaces such as lumps. It furthermore disturbs the sleep and makes it hard to rest comfortably in the later times. All should inculcate the habit of rotating and changing the mattress every few months. This practice ensures even mattress surfaces throughout. It can be helpful in preventing the degradation of the sleeping pad and adding a few years to its lifespan.

The memory foam mattress is a top-notch quality product which prevents the uneven mattress surfaces because of the presence of high-density foam. The dense material regains its original shape as soon as one gets up more the bed. It does not form the impressions even after the prolonged usage and the overall built of the bed frame is also not affected. It can be considered worth buying because of its durability and comfort.  Best foam mattress price will vary from 7000 INR to 12,000 INR, if purchased from a trusted brand.

  1. Don’t Jump or dance on the bed – Sometimes, a younger family member or even us tend to flip on the bed mattresses quite frequently. It disturbs the built of the mattresses and causes serious impressions on the surface. It would be a better practice to not to jump, dance or swing on the bed. Prevent your mattress from the obvious rough usage and keep the unnecessary activities away from the bed. The practice will preserve the life of the mattresses for a little long. Buy your quality mattress from Fresh up mattress, best mattress brand in India.
  2. Follow frequent cleaning practice – You should consider cleaning your bed mattress frequently and prevent from any permanent damage. You should follow the manufacturer’s advice on cleaning the spills or removing amalgamated dirt from the surface. In most of the cases, it is advised to wash the food stains from water and mild detergent or soap. While cleaning the dust, you can make use of vacuum cleaner. Also note that in no matter what condition, always keep you bed frame away from harsh and harmful chemicals. Every mattress comes with instructions of cleaning and drying. Adhering to the given process can prevent the degradation of the mattress. Even if your mattress seems to be fine, you should clean it on regular basis. On an average, a sleeping pad should be cleaned once in every two months.
  3. Sunlight to the mattress – On an occasional basis, you can put your bed mattress under the sunlight. The rays are proven to kill the harmful bacteria and eradicate the unbearable smell which gets developed over the time. Choose to let your bed frame lie under the sunrays for 2 hours in every 2-3 months. This practice will ensure positive mattress health and prevention from the degradation. You can buy your comfortable memory foam sleep mattress from Fresh up mattress. Foam mattress price on the website costs around 7500 INR which is a reasonable price for the quality product.
  4. Avoid using edges – Even during sitting for a little while, you should refrain from sitting on the edge of the mattress. It puts the pressure and creates impression which destroys the whole structure of bed frame. Not sitting on the edges will make sure that the degradation of the mattress shape does not take place. You can book your quality mattress from Fresh up mattress which is considered as online best mattress brand in India. Go through the different types of mattress on their website and acknowledge the most compatible mattress for yourself. Get the product straight out from the manufacturers. Invest in Fresh Up and welcome comfort to your home.

By following these above-mentioned essential tips, you can prevent the degradation of your mattress. Don’t let this expensive investment of your decay because of your unintentional actions. Furthermore, boost the lifespan of your mattress and benefit from it till a long time.

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