Everything You Need to Know About Mattress Protectors

mattress protectors

Initially, after purchasing a mattress, we tend to put in a lot of effort to maintain its hygiene. In the first few days, we avoid eating on our brand-new mattress bed, lying down with dirty clothes on, etc. We make sure to change the sheets often and try to keep the kids away from our new purchase. But, with time, we loosen up and start treating it like just another thing in the house. Over time, our neglect damages the quality of our mattress bed. This ends up affecting our health. Food spills, body fluids, dirty feet, and bacteria taint the freshness and quality of our sleep mattresses.  

To prevent such harmful elements from causing degradation of your mattress, cover it with a mattress protector. This is a very easy option to protect your mattress bed and retain its good quality for a longer period of time. The bed covers helps in increasing the life span of your mattress. With a good quality bed protector, you can be assured of keeping the hygiene of your mattress intact.

Many of us overlook the importance of using a mattress protector over our new mattresses. But using a bed cover  safeguards your investment. You can buy your bed cover from Fresh Up Mattresses, which is widely seen as the top online mattress brand India. Not just stains, you can protect your mattress from spills too with our 100% waterproof mattress protector. 

Take home a mattress protector made with high-quality material and at some of the most affordable prices. Fresh Up Mattresses bed covers are brought to your home straight from the manufacturers. Before making a mattress protector purchase, make sure that you are privy to the information given below 

Why should I be using a mattress protector?

Clean Mattress Stains

A waterproof mattress protector prevents spills, body fluids and dirt from damaging your mattress bed, thereby enhancing its lifespan. It additionally blocks the foul smell which develops on the mattress over time due to prolonged usage of the bed. Additionally, it proves to be extremely difficult to wash the mattress itself, in order to maintain proper hygiene 

All your troubles have one simple solution – a bed cover. By using a mattress protector, these issues become a thing of your past. Now, all that you have to do to maintain proper mattress hygiene even with prolonged usage, is just remove the mattress protector, wash it off, and put it back on the mattress. The process is as simple as washing a cloth and reusing it. In addition to the above benefits, people who are prone to dust allergies can find it beneficial to use a waterproof mattress protector.

Mattress protectors keep dust mites and allergens from causing damage to the mattress bed, which is helpful for a person with allergies. A waterproof mattress protector acts like an assurance that keeps your sleep mattress investment intact. A bed cover prevents external components from destroying the quality of the mattress. Get your waterproof mattress protector online at the best price from Fresh Up Mattress. The cost is as low as 1300 INR for a breathable mattress cover.  

How waterproof mattress protector made up of?


If you purchase from Fresh Up Mattresses, one of the top online mattress brands in India, the mattress protector comprises a terry cotton surface with a TPU filming on top. Sometimes, the mattress protector is made with fiberfill, polyester or wool. When purchasing a bed cover, it is important to evaluate its quality based on a number of factors, some of which are listed below. 

As you would be spending long hours sleeping on the particular bed cover, it is crucial to make sure that its fabric is breathable and feels comfortable to you. Avoid buying mattress protectors made up of a synthetic material as it tends to trap heat and cause unpleasant interruptions in your sleep. Buy your brand-new waterproof mattress protector online at the best price, exclusively with one of India’s leading mattress brads, Fresh p Mattresses 

Do all the waterproof mattress protectors offer equal comfort?    

Not all mattress protectors are designed to support the body in the same way. The premium bed covers, along with providing protection to the mattress provides additional comfort. Some are only created to avoid the deterioration of the sleeping surface while others have the ability to provide comfort. Mattress protectors made from cotton or polyester play the role of safeguarding the mattress. Some mattress covers are created from fiberfill and memory foam which provide soft cushioning. It totally depends upon the type of protector you are looking for. Just make sure to purchase your mattress protector online from a place that you trust   

Will a mattress protector impact the comfort level of the sleeping mattress?   

The impact of a bed cover depends on the type of mattress protector. Waterproof mattress protectors by Fresh Up Mattresses will help maintain the same level of comfort owing to their thin nature. If you are switching to a cushion protector, it can change the level of comfort of the mattress. It makes you happy or leave you feel disappoint. So, you should always do your research and then make a purchase. Never settle for an uncomfortable layer just to protect the quality of the mattress.  

Before purchasing mattress protector, take all the aforementioned factors into consideration. In addition to these, make a checklist which allows you to evaluate the quality, warranty, brand assessment and feature evaluation of the product.  

From Fresh Up Mattresses, you can buy a number of products, including waterproof mattress protector and mattress online India. We stand by the high-quality standards we have set in the mattress online market today. We are backed by a string of loyal customers, and now, you can join them too! 

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