Are You Suffering From Prolonged Back Pain? Switch To The Comfortable Mattresses Today

mattress for back pain

The lifestyle today has become so tiresome, that many of us end up having some of the health problems. An unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, incorrect body postures are the contributing components to our lives for the degradation of our health. Many of the incorporated diseases are significantly ignored and it gets serious on the later stages. One such problem which we tend to complain about is our back pains and neck strains. It may seem like a no serious health issue, but it can be an indicator to spinal injuries and muscle strain. There can be so many reasons to back pain, but it needs to be given immediate attention. Your mattress can play the role of a culprit as uncomfortable cause tension in joints, further causing injuries and strains. You can always switch to the following mentioned mattresses and experience the difference –

1.Orthopedic Mattress – As the name suggests, the orthopedic mattress is approved by orthopedic doctors. It is specially designed to give support to the people having musculoskeletal issues. The sleeping pad is made up of – open coil springs, a breathable layer on the top, memory/latex foam, some natural fillings, and reflex type foam. It altogether provides a surface that is firm yet comfortable enough for people to relax. An orthopedic mattress is widely used by arthritis, orthopedic and other patients. Since the patients and people complaining about back pain are strictly asked to ditch their old soft mattress, this sleeping pad can exactly fir into the place. It keeps the back straight and spines with shoulders aligned while you are asleep. You can get the best orthopedic mattress India from Fresh up mattress, a store trusted by orthopedic doctors. Health benefits of ortho bed mattress are as follows –

  • Maintaining a good body posture.
  • Providing support to us even when we are sleeping in multiple positions.
  • Releases stress from joints and muscles, further reducing the risk of other diseases.
  • Aids good sleep which can make us feel fresh to add productivity to our day.

You can buy orthopedic mattress India from various stores across. Just ensure you are investing in a quality product. These type of sleeping pads are often considered as durable options which will save your money for future. It is suggested by many doctors and can be taken into consideration for your next purchase. Investing in orthopedic mattress is a good health investment.

2. Memory foam mattress – You may have heard a lot on memory foam mattress in ads and from acquaintances. It is one of the best mattresses to provide body support while resting. Memory foam is built on polyurethane chemical also known as viscoelastic material. It is further made up of high-density foam commonly used in furniture making along with natural fillings and air breathable materials. Memory foam mattress is further divide into – gel and latex sub types. These were introduced to cool down the heat of memory foam. With so many advancements, memory foam which used to be heated up a lot now provides a cool environment while resting. If you are suffering from a back pain, memory foam mattress is the one you can rely on. It molds according to your body and provides you firmness and softness at a time. You can buy mattress online in India through several websites or by visiting sure, just quality needs to be taken care of. Here are some of the mind-blowing health benefits of memory foam mattress –

  • It takes the shape of the body and provides comfort given to any position we sleep.
  • High density foam almost soaks the stress stored in the joints, bones and muscles. It then allows one to feel fresh after resting. It also lowers the risk of any bodily deformities.
  • Memory foam mattress distributes the body weight which aids in weight management.
  • By absorbing the disturbances of partner, it never lets anyone’s sleep disturbed. Deep sleep is the key to long life, happy behavior, freshness of mind and high concentration power.

Buy mattress from Fresh Up Mattress 


Fresh up mattress is an online and retail store in multiple locations across India. It delivers the product straight out of the manufacturing units, so quality remains uncompromised. Its 6-layer technology is magical in providing the comfort to the body and durability to the mattress. The prices are reasonable, and you can buy mattress online through their website. Fresh up mattresses are orthopedic doctor approved, so you can be assured about your back aches and other concerns. Most of the mattresses come with a decade warranty under such prices which is hard to find somewhere else.

So, these were the mattresses that can be bought when suffering from back aches or any other postural deformities. To all the buyers, orthopedic and memory foam mattresses are the two best options to preserve the health for longer.

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