5 Types of Sofa Cum Beds That You Can Buy in 2021!

orthopedic support for you back pain

Easy to handle, space-saving, & aesthetically appealing; sofa cum bed is the perfect addition to a modern home. You can introduce a sofa cum bed to your living room & comfortably host an uninformed guest home without the worry of sharing a sleeping space. Sofa cum bed offers enough room for a single person to sleep comfortably. Based on the type, it can even accommodate two people. So, if you’ve been wanting to buy a sofa cum bed online in India here are five amazing options by Fresh Up Mattress. 
This list covers sofa cum beds with multiple functionalities. From a single-seater sofa to a three or four-seater sofa with armrest, we have an option for each of you. 

Sofa Cum Bed Mattress Online –
1. Dwell Sofa Cum Bed Jute Fabric

This sofa cum bed is the master of options. It comes with a 1, 2, 3, and 4-seater option. You can use our Dwell sofa cum bed as a sofa, lounger, bed with a headrest, and a bed mattress. 

Sofa cum bed mattress with convertable

4 in 1 Sofa Cum Bed

On the inside, it has PU foam & EPE foam for the greatest comfort. On the outside, it flaunts a jute fabric sofa cover with heavy furnishing that imparts an unparalleled look. It has an inner protective cover and comes in multiple color options to choose from- Maroon, Aqua Blue, Dark Grey, Light Grey, and Dark Brown. 

This sofa cum bed does not come with a storage & armrest. It has a two-year warranty when purchased from Fresh Up Mattress. 

2. Estella Sofa Cum Bed Velvet Fabric

Estella sofa cum bed is a premium offering by Fresh Up Mattress. You can choose between 1, 2, 3, & 4-seater options. The filling material houses premium HD foam whereas the outer fabric is a premium Velvet fabric.

Estella Sofa cum Bed Online
Estella Sofa Cum Bed

Like Dwell Sofa Cum bed, it can be used in four ways: as a sofa, as a lounger, as a bed with headrest, and as a bed or mattress. The highlights of Estella sofa cum bed are the premium materials and a five-year warranty when bought online at Fresh Up Mattress.

3. Comfortzila Sofa Cum Bed Jute Fabric

For those of you who prefer the convenience of an armrest in the sofa, comfortzila sofa cum bed by Fresh Up Mattress is the ideal choice. It comes with three & four-seater variants when used as a sofa.

Deluxe plus sofa bed price
Comfortzila Sofa Cum Bed
Deluxe Plus Sofa Cum Bed Mattress
Sofa Mattress

It can be used as a sofa and a bed mattress when unfolded completely. The filling material is PU foam & EPE foam, and the outer fabric is polycotton. The outer cover is washable. Comfortzila sofa cum bed comes with a warranty of two years when purchased from Fresh Up Mattress.

4.Siesta Sofa Cum Bed Molphino Fabric

Siesta sofa cum bed is a beautiful offering by Fresh Up Mattress. Its sturdy design is appealing and reliable. It comes with an armrest and has 3 & 4-seater variants. Estella sofa cum bed is the perfect addition to a modern home.

Revolve sofa cum bed - folding sofa
Siesta sofa cum bed
Revolve sofa Bed - convertible sofa bed
Siesta sofa Bed – Mattress

You can use it as a comfortable mattress. The premium HD foam & premium HD EPE foam filling material promises a mattress-like comfort throughout the night. The cover material used is premium Molphino fabric. Enjoy a three-year warranty when you buy this sofa cum bed online at Fresh Up Mattress.

5.Hemisphere Sofa Cum Bed Velvet Fabric

Everything about this sofa cum bed resonates with class & comfort. Flaunting a premium HD foam on the inside, hemisphere sofa cum bed provides orthopedic support. It comes in 3 & 4-seater options ideal for two people to sleep comfortably.

orthopedic support for you back pain
Orthopedic Mattress – Hemisphere sofa cum bed

Hemisphere sofa cum bed is a high-end premium offering by Fresh Up Mattress. It comes with a five-year warranty. The beauty of this sofa cum bed is amplified with the comfortable cushions.

Sofa cum beds are the front runners in multi-functionality furniture that are easy to maneuver with. You can accessorize a sofa cum bed with premium memory foam pillows for added comfort.

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