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Best quality foam mattresses in India

  1. Ortho Memory Foam mattress 
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Mattresses play an important role in making you sleep better at nights and letting you wake up fresh. Once you start getting better sleep, you will be able to feel energized and refreshed all day long. Even if you want to get relieved from health issues like back pain, then choosing the right mattress is the key. Memory foam is made up of a particular kind of material known as viscoelastic and it is known for absorbing high energy along with being incredibly soft. Memory foam adjusts according to the body heat and pressure and it evenly distributes the body weight. But it eventually returns to its original shape once you eliminate the body weight or pressure from it.

These characteristics of memory foam mattresses make them very comfortable along with protecting against impact. Memory foam is now well known for its use in pillows, mattress pads, which are available in different densities and depth. It is said that when you lay on the memory foam the heat from your body softens it in appropriate points. This ultimately helps in providing support to your body along with the curves and natural lines. It has been claimed by the manufacturers of the memory foam mattress that it helps in relieving pain and that is how it encourages people to get more restful sleep.

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