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  1. Memory Foam Pillow
     MRPStarting From Rs. 1,622.00
  2. Microfibre Pillow
     MRPStarting From Rs. 614.00

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Do you experience headache or neck pain every time you wake up? Changing your sleeping position makes a major difference. If that also doesn't help, then you should consider trying a different sleeping pillow. A memory foam pillow of adequate firmness provides good support to the neck and maintains the natural curve of your spine. Fresh Up memory foam pillow doesn't cause your neck to sweat due to their open cell design. You can buy the memory foam pillow online from Fresh Up at a very affordable price and experience the difference in the quality of your sleep.

Another type of pillow that does good to your sleep is the Microfibre pillow. If you have loved the hotel pillows, then you will love the Fresh Up Microfibre pillow! They are breathable, fluffy and regain their shape if folded.